Economic Forum

Author: Yasser incumbent

5/18/2016 0:00

Economic arena witnessed in Iraq spree wide toward the establishment of economic forums, aims to contribute to the drawing through the economic transformations taking place in the country map highlighting this phenomenon at a time when the government is preparing the implementation of a development reform program through an initiative launched by the Iraqi Central Bank to allocate 6 trillion dinars in loans development to activate projects small, medium and even large.

Well phenomenon valid during which healed civil society concerned with economic affairs and a representative of the private sector relied upon to rescue the country from economic distress due to the financial hardship caused by the declines in oil prices and the fact that organizations she influential because of rents of our national economy to deliver what in store solutions.

if we to identify the names of these conglomerates Flader of reference to some of them according to the priorities of incorporation are Baghdad economic Forum, Iraqi economic Council and the Forum for Iraq 's economic development . It is
noteworthy that these conglomerates includes a variety of figures represented the private sector is an important phenomenon in the creation of competition cases are in the targets of incorporation but there are auxiliary input the other in the attachment to join more than a conglomerate that real competition.

Apart from all these trivial things we are referring to the importance of effective contribution in saving our economy from its challenges, the most prominent Mamtalob of these conglomerates get away from the ego in everything and not doctoring concessions toward a particular specialization but work on revitalization projects the most important and the extent of its contribution to achieving rapid returns and direct loans towards it in order to contribute to reducing the dependence on imports , which depletes the currency.

Lord , who claims that these blocs will not be released for this purpose, we say it is needed so that these clusters contribute to help the state to overcome the effects of the crisis and contribute Avenue It required the development process. Wait to do something in the framework of strengthening our economic scattered to their need for the expertise of the private sector and the state 's ability to digest and accept so we will continue to see eventually will achieve the target.