Economic reform provides an attractive investment environment 5-17
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Thread: Economic reform provides an attractive investment environment 5-17

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    Economic reform provides an attractive investment environment 5-17

    Economic reform provides an attractive investment environment

    5/18/2016 0:00

    Jabri calls for a specific strategy for foreign loans to achieve

    BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate

    D economist said. Qusay al-Jabri: Economic reform means necessary to achieve certain goals of economic policy seeks access to it in order to best use of economic resources.

    He said al - Jabri in an interview with «morning»: it is necessary to take into account the gradual reforms and the introduction of the social dimension of any structure in the economy , politics, and embrace programs rely concept of sustainable development that one of the bases of human capabilities aimed at the development, not reform purely , but taking into account the social aspects of the resulting economic as fighting poverty and unemployment and to ensure that the elements of satisfying the basic needs of education, health and others. Jabri between: the absence of the concept of strategy based on the human development and overall sustainable development, and the rule of concept based on investment in fixed capital and strong batch update, led to poor development experiences in all Arab countries and make them suffer represented twice the factors in the case of imports and the policy of export subsidies deficit that is based on the long - complementary plan term.

    He explained the importance of improving the efficiency of the allocation of available resources and reduce the burden of foreign debt and attract foreign investment to the home and reduce the flow of capital to the outside, through the provision of capital an attractive investment environment, pointing to enhance the competitiveness and the reduction of import and achieve a balance between consumption and production on the part of the savings and investment on the other.

    He called al - Jabri to control inflation and raise economic growth rates and improve the performance of the banking sector, as well as encouraging the private sector and increase the share of GDP and to restore internal and external balance and improve the balance of payments.

    He stressed to speed up the development of specific strategic foreign loans designed to make it economically important through invested to increase the GDP and reduce imports and direct them in development projects, in conjunction with the long - term strategy aimed at self - reliance and to promote the diversification of the economic reform programs of the adoption of demand and supply in policies Meanwhile, with the increase in the effectiveness of fiscal policy to reduce the budget deficit and to provide hard currency to reduce

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