Hashemi: Maliki is a war criminal and is protected by extorting Iranian Abadi (1 of 3
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Thread: Hashemi: Maliki is a war criminal and is protected by extorting Iranian Abadi (1 of 3

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    Hashemi: Maliki is a war criminal and is protected by extorting Iranian Abadi (1 of 3

    Hashemi: Maliki is a war criminal and is protected by extorting Iranian Abadi (1 of 3)

    Writings Tuesday 17 May 2016
    Description former Iraqi Vice President Tariq al- Hashemi , the former prime minister Nuri al - Maliki offender war and accused of high treason , blaming his successor Abadi caving in to Iranian extortion to be protected from prosecution .. He noted that frustrated leaders work with them in Iraq did not stop him in the face of false charges against him and expressed his willingness to appear before a court in Baghdad where to spend available fair and impartial , stressing that once provides that it will return to Iraq the next day.

    He said Hashemi , who raised the international police , "Interpol" just days before his name permanently from the red list of internationally wanted in a lengthy interview with "Culture" at his residence in Istanbul of Turkey that he is not optimistic the issuance of the amnesty law anticipated that Saafo for Jrim corruption accused by a number of senior officials and their followers and excludes innocent accused or convicted of Article 4 terrorism .. he pointed out that the demonization of the popular movement of Sunni Arabs after DAI overwhelming public support and an international sympathy has created an incubator to dilate Daash in Iraq.

    Here is the first part of the dialogue with al-Hashemi:

    * Why are you in Turkey?

    First , because it can not return to my country because of unfair prosecutions and secondly because I am a guest of the Turkish Republic, Kmaona guest of the state Qtrolhma move around between the two countries, and of course waiting for my return to my country where I am a natural.

    * But it is rumored that you did you get Turkish citizenship?

    That is not true, they still keep the Iraqi nationality and move around an Iraqi passport and did not I apply any other nationality.

    * Who is primarily responsible for Athamkm terrorism?

    Tool Nuri al - Maliki was but I am confident that the issue is bigger than that, what happened is part of a foreign agenda targeting Sunni Arabs by employing anti - terrorism law, a reminder Hashemi is the seventh politician from the Sunni Arabs have been targeted in the same the charge and I mean terrorism, and what happened was not Mahz coincidence. on the other Hashemi side did not target the year 2011 these charges fabricated but targeted before that in 2006 exclusively when he murdered three of my brothers , respectively when refused extortion and faced threats and pressures solidly lost my opponents hope my withdrawal from work political and leave Iraq as they wanted so they went to political Tsagit through fabricating false charges and the issuance of unfair provisions of the spend politicized, important to keep me off the political stage at any cost.

    * Are you frustrated by the position of the Iraqi leadership it was close to you and is allied with you and failed to stand with you and victory for your cause even though everyone understands that all contributions the charges were fabricated?

    Sure, it is regrettable that the fulfillment has become a rare coin, and this is miserable for most of the leaders who Jmni much to work together attitude it was a shocking surprise me .. for this years ago I decided to What should I do after I lost hope with me and make sure it is self - interest figures are not as much moral responsibility as you think.

    * Have been tried for deputy Mohammed al - Daini, as well as to former central bank governor Sinan al - Shabibi, are you interested in that?

    Are there any efforts being made ​​in the Hazal way? Of course , the best solution is to appear before a fair court, but such a court is currently do not expect availability in the near future, and expressed my willingness in the past and ascertain again, do not look forward to a comprehensive amnesty because I simply did not actually committed punishable by law , not now , but all my life. All of which I look forward to him fair and impartial his main concern the first proof of the truth and not obscured spend, where available I will return to my country the next day.

    * There is an intention to issue an amnesty law, not constitute this in your perception a qualitative development in the rights file man?

    First , representatives of the darkness in the House of Representatives will work hard to dump the law of its content and will insist on Aafuan Jrim Law corruption accused by them and their masters and their followers and the exclusion of innocent defendants or convicted of Article 4 terrorism .... so as if you Yabu Zaid Magxit, a non - starter with the law that did not do justice to the oppressed took on suspicion or prosecuted based on confessions extracted under duress, to be released from the spent in custody period exceeded Maysmah by the Constitution as it requires a re - investigation or re - trial for all defendants and convicts based on this article, and the emphasis on the formation of committees of inquiry, as well as fair and professional courts , not by the Sultan but Allah ... whereas before it is funny ... a retrial before the same court and the same judges who arrested the price of the verdicts , which they produced in under suspicious evidence of suspicious declarations .... shame on the Iraqi judiciary that is based on his judgment on the investigation by the butchers Lt. Col. Ali al - Bahadli submitted Hassanein Abdel Amir and other torture team formed by Nuri al - Maliki to extract confessions under duress and fabrication issues in preparation to get rid of his opponents, and the day will come for the detection the brutal way Adopted by two criminals against Hamaiati and staff of my office , including women, I'm sure it would be shocking.

    * What are the reasons that helped Daash a broad expansion in Iraqi territory? And the responsibility of al - Maliki as commander of the armed forces at the time?

    It was necessary to demonize the popular movement of Sunni Arabs after DAI mobility on popular support sweeping and sympathy international began to grow over time, thanks to the peaceful tendency , first and second , to rational demands and constitutionality , which Mashkl major embarrassment for Nuri al - Maliki and international bodies supporting him and had to be aborted uprising from the inside, and that al - Maliki did not only smuggle hardened al - Qaida leaders from the Abu Ghraib prison but also contributed to the repression and sectarian cleansing to provide foster Sunni paid impetus to extremism as the only resort after that faded away any chance of life and survival. what happened is part of international agenda ultimate goal may be to divide Iraq , but the port was Nuri al - Maliki ... than anyone else responsible for the escape of the army in Mosul and Kirkuk, Salahuddin and gray, it issued orders to flee and not to fight? Assume that the situation was very critical not allowed to fight - and I doubt it - you see why Alawamrkadh army has been issued to destroy the huge military arsenal before the withdrawal and he knows that is doomed to fall , however Daash? Maliki , a war criminal and accused of treason.

    * Accordingly Is will bring those responsible for the fall of Mosul to trial?

    Question directed to the Chief Executive Haider al - Abadi , who ignored so far Facts, reports and investigations put Nuri al - Maliki in the Indictment Chamber as accused of treason. But Abadi cover up this crime will put him in charge circle as a partner. Abadi either a paid partisan and sectarian in misprision Maliki and the role of the sabotage of the Dawa Party, or it responds to Iranian blackmail not to prosecute al - Maliki as the best served Iranian agenda in Iraq historically .. but no matter how long the al - Maliki will be in court in this crime and in the other , and more Maartkp of corruption and murder, deportation and negligence with money and the interests of Iraq crimes ... etc. and Kaivkr the international police , "Interpol" has folded this week , the last page of the rule of the Iraqi judiciary on al - Hashemi to death to confirm to remove his name permanently from the red list of wanted to arrest a certain lack of conviction with the justifications provided by the Iraqi authorities for the verdict in Hashemi described the decision as confirmation that the charges laid by the Iraqi authorities to judge him void. previously the Iraqi judiciary in the era of the second term of former Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki issued on the ninth of Spettmraam 2012 sentenced to death in absentia against al - Hashemi for allegedly driving death squads in the country where he raised his cause tension between the political forces, especially among the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi and belongs to al - Hashemi, a coalition of state law , which belongs to al - Maliki. then Kurds entered in the crisis after being allowed Hashemi to stay in the Kurdistan region , the northern and refused to hand him over to the government in Baghdad because they knew that His case does not exceed targeted personally before later moving to outside Iraq , where he was officially welcomed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. international police issued a "Interpol" from its headquarters in Lyon , France , in May 2012 , an international arrest warrant demanding assist States 190 member for "locate and arrest , " al - Hashemi , who issued warrant an Iraqi arrest in December 2011.


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    Re: Hashemi: Maliki is a war criminal and is protected by extorting Iranian Abadi (1

    Part 1 of 3 parts.

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