Samarra Island witnessing first wedding after liberation

The number of visits: 3072 Published on: 17/5/2016, 14:19 Published by: Hamid

I saw the city of Samarra Island, on Tuesday, the day before the wedding after the liberation of Daash terrorist gangs.

The source said that after the liberation of the island from Daash terrorist gangs, held on the first wedding in the area which I think the people of the island a good omen and a glimmer of hope shone in their hearts. "

He pointed out that "the people have given higher thanks to the sons of the popular crowd and security forces who were able to edit their areas of Aldoaash."

And it liberated the security forces and the popular crowd last month Samarra island in a wide-scale military operation launched by the security of the process of the island, where troops were able to inflict Daash terrorist gangs great human and material losses through.