Interior detailing the name Tariq Hashimi of the Interpol's red list.


The Interior Ministry said Tuesday details of the convicted Tariq al-Hashimi's name deleted from the list of Interpol.
The Ministry said in a statement, referring to what has gone through the media on the subject of the deletion of the name of the convicted defendant, Tariq Hashimi of the Red Bulletin, Ministry of the Interior would like to explain to the public the following facts:

1. the Central Investigation Court in Karkh international warrant the information published accused Tariq Ahmed Baker al Hashimi and contained to the Interior Ministry headed by the prosecution.

2. the Ministry of the Interior and by Arabic and International Police Directorate approached the Arab Bureau of criminal police and the Interpol General Secretariat under request, for the purpose of international search and radio the Red Bulletin of CBP.

3. the accused was issued a Red Bulletin international numbered (2012-5/3261-A) on 2012/5/7.

4. Interpol secretariat informed us of the Oversight Committee, that the aforementioned complaint filed by agents of lawyers on the basis of article 18 of the law on the treatment of the data according to which (the right of persons subject of international police cooperation in data) on the Red Bulletin International issued at the request of the Iraqi authorities and requested their answer to their queries and notice the Supreme Judicial Council-chaired by the Attorney-General and the Central Criminal Court, and the Interpol General Secretariat Oversight Committee with the requested information.

5. the General Secretariat of Interpol informed us-Legal Affairs Office under its letters in 2013/10/9 that on the recommendation of the Oversight Committee to Interpol files, canceled the red notice and delete information about the defendant in question of the Organization's database.

6. the Ministry of the Interior-Department of Arabic and international police notify the Supreme Judicial Council headed by da communications research subject paragraph (5) under the numbered book 9916 on 10/10/2013 Presidency asked the prosecution whether the international organization has the right to delete and write off information from the database and cancel the red notice on its own without request of the requesting State.

7. the Arabic and International Police Directorate at the Ministry of Interior approached Interpol General Secretariat statement of grounds for setting aside the Red Bulletin international despite its compliance with the conditions and controls all version and provide the Secretariat with all inquiries about the case.

8 the secretariat responded to Interpol's letter in 214/3/2 that the information about the defendant in question has been deleted on the recommendation of the Commission on control of Interpol's archives.

9. the meeting between Chief Interpol National Central Bureau in Baghdad Iraqi Interior Ministry with the Oversight Committee during the tenth Conference of Heads of national offices and inquire about the reasons for cancelling the Red Bulletin is issued in accordance with the criteria of the Organization and the statement [to cancel the red notice does not eliminate the role of the Iraqi judicial authorities and remains unless the accused waived the charges by the Iraqi judiciary] and the possibility of requesting new Red Bulletin according to data and new evidence against the accused and requested Oversight Committee providing incriminating evidence The new suspect.

10. the Ministry of Internal Affairs approached Interpol General Secretariat under the book of Arabic and International Police Directorate 11001 numbered 10/26/2014 in order to rethink the Red Bulletin, the Interpol General Secretariat has responded by letter in 2015/3/2 as the international bulletin had been issued red again.

11. the Ministry of the Interior would like to clarify that the Red Bulletin cancellation right above does not eliminate being accused followed by Iraqi judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in accordance with the judgments against him.