On the Keywords: We have reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Region to open the central bank in Arbil

By Roudao 6 hours ago

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on the Keywords, in an exclusive interview with Roudao Media Network, the central government held talks with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, was agreed to open a central bank in the Kurdistan Region has all the requirements and specifications, and to be part of the bank CBI, pointing out that the Kurdistan region has the right to obtain 17% of the foreign loans obtained by Iraq.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Roudao: What is the role of the central bank in solving the current economic crisis?

On the Keywords: the central bank represents a fundamental pillar of economic policy in the country, along with fiscal policy, and since the country's resources have dropped significantly, and in particular since 2015, played a central bank and still plays an important role in trying to overcome the current financial crisis, through his purchase of treasury transfers issued by the Ministry of Finance and purchased by banks, the central bank re deducted, which now stood at more than 12 trillion dinars, as well as the Central Bank allowed the use of 50% of the bank's reserves has to buy money orders, with an estimated up to 4 trillion dinars.

Roudao: Is the central bank distract from the reserves at the moment?

Keywords: central bank banned it according to the law that will provide loans to the government, but the central bank can buys money orders or bonds from the secondary market, not from the government directly, that is, when there are money orders issued by the government purchased by banks, can the central bank rediscount, because of the great financial crisis, the banks can not cover all of these transfers continuously.

Roudao: Is the central bank managed to put up securities to obtain financing and bridging the budget deficit?

Products: There are two types of bonds, including the State Department, which tried to Iraq last year promote them outside the country, but Iraq ran into the problem of high interest rates on these bonds, reaching more than 11%, the point of the central bank's view is not to go into it, because of rising interest rates , and Iraq does not need a dollar, but in need of the Iraqi dinar, because most expenditures in the state budget covers the dinar, so it was our proposal to resort to the local national bonds in Iraqi dinars, which have the benefit of the citizen and covers the need Dinars nor endured high benefits, has recently been agreement to begin offering these bonds.

Roudao: Do you have to put up securities in the global markets for future plans?

Keywords: Yes, after the United States and the World Bank has given the possibility to do to guarantee part of the bond, and when it will land benefits dramatically, at that time we can issue bonds in the international markets, the size of the bond is currently before a start is two billion dollars, and if he could Iraq that the process of market interest rate is suitable, you may think to continue asking other bonds also Bmiliran, and whenever possible, depending on the interest and the conditions and duration.

Roudao: What is the reason for the instability of the Iraqi dinar?

Keywords: reserve central bank is affected by spending the government directly, and if the government is spending more than revenues, the borrowing process to cover the deficit, and this borrowing, which reached today to the large sums of money meant indirectly is pumping cash into the market, there are other factors influenced by exchange rate , a juvenile political and security developments, the situation of stability has a direct impact on exchange rates, and watched the dinar exchange rate in recent instability, where he gave a letter in which a kind of anxiety and fear for the Iraqi people.

Roudao: What is the latest information about your dealings with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and what is the size of the loans granted to Iraq?

Keywords: a while ago and the Finance Ministry and the central bank hold in-depth talks with the International Monetary Fund, the search mechanism and conditions of loans, Mtaattlebatt the International Monetary Fund and the conditions are the same orientations of the Iraqi government, because the government is trying to reform public finances of the state structure through the rationalization of expenditures, increase revenue, with maintain employees' salaries, but the contrary, the IMF wants to emphasize that the Iraqi government does not affect these expenses.

Roudao: What is expected to be granted by the International Monetary Fund for Iraq in 2016 amount?

Keywords: Iraq is expected to happen this year at $ 7 billion, or more than that, at present there are international approach to support Iraq, They are determine these amounts based on the accounts relating to Walkers financial situation, and may be moving in the circumstances, but in principle in the next two years could be that Iraq gets $ 15 billion, and these amounts can say that they have become almost certain.

Roudao: Are there any plans to give a portion of the loans to the Kurdistan Region?

Keywords: agreement, which happened with the Kurdistan Region within the state budget, is to take the region of 17% of total expenditures, so these loans and get it Iraq, as well as bonds, are included in it, because this total expenditure by Iraq, originally came from these loans and certainly the region's share exist, because Iraq whenever the amount spent is the region's share of 17%, and if Iraq got the loans and grants for the purposes of spending, when it's share of the Kurdistan region to be 17% of the total spending.

Roudao: Do you expect to reach the Kurdistan Regional Government to deal with the Iraqi government on the public budget?

Keywords: I got in the recent period some contacts mission between the Kurdistan Regional Government, the federal government, and there is a tendency and desire to solve problems related to, but recent political circumstances had a negative impact on the continuation of the negotiations, and we hope in the coming days to resume talks between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties.

Roudao: How would you describe the relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government in the economic field, and what is the level of your dealings with the banks of the Kurdistan Region?

Keywords: central bank being meetings with the Kurdistan Regional Government at a very high level, in order to be the central bank's real role in the region, including helping to found the banking sector development and support of financial institutions, and provides a legal, financial, and regulatory and supervisory cover is very important, and this hurt mainly the first is in the interest of the Kurdistan region, nor can any geographical area that the banks operate without there being a central bank have linked the presence of these banks, and can deal through it.

Roudao: Do you confess banks in the territory of Kurdistan and do you consider within the branches of the Central Bank?

Keywords: branches found within the territory of Kurdistan present their situation does not represent a part or a branch of the Central Bank of Iraq, and this confuses the work and does not help the region that provides the proper framework for the briefing to operate the banking and financial institutions in the Kurdistan region, so we had talks with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, and we agreed that there is a real central bank in the Kurdistan region, and to be part of the Central Bank of Iraq, and has all the requirements and specifications, currently we do the detailed procedures relating to this trend.