Parliamentary demanding the Interior Minister to clarify the reasons for cancellation Tareq al-Hashemi name from the list of Interpol

Tuesday 17-05-2016 | 8:08:55

Twilight News / MP called for reform emotions grace the front on Tuesday, Interior Minister Mohammad Al-Ghabban clarify the reasons for cancellation of former Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi name from the red list of the wanted list of the International Police (INTERPOL).

Said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, he said that "the Iraqi people and all the families of the martyrs and victims of terrorism were shocked by the news of cancellation terrorist Tareq al-Hashemi to hear from the Red List own wanted list of the International Police (INTERPOL), despite being sentenced to five death sentences for committing terrorist crimes," indicating that "Iraq is a member Interpol and the director of the Iraqi Center of the Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Hadi is Hammoudi, and the duty to renew the wanted bulletin Iraqi judiciary annually and submit it to the government to send it to Interpol. "

She explained that "may be added to the list every year new names are written off or provided, including obtaining the approval of the independent Iraqi judiciary names, the government is empowered to act and modify existing without the consent of the judiciary, which makes us wonder about who is responsible for this terrorist delete a name from the list of wanted men."

Media sources revealed that the International Criminal Police "Interpol" filed on Monday, former Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi name permanently from the red list of wanted men with arrest.

She said the oversight committee of the International Criminal Police Organization, "Interpol" It is ascertained that "information provided about al-Hashemi showed strong doubts about the authenticity, and the result of all this, the Committee decided to raise the name of al-Hashemi and the final information from its files."

Interpol management and confirmed that it was not convinced by the justifications provided by the Iraqi authorities to arrest al-Hashemi.

For his part, al-Hashemi said in a statement to the source of the media on Monday, Interpol's decision as "proof that the charges laid by the Iraqi authorities to judge him null and void."

The Interpol issued in May / Oareetam 2012 an international arrest warrant, demanding the extradition of Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, on charges of supporting terrorism, in accordance with a request from the Iraqi government, then headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which accused him of killings and leading death squads in the country.