2016/5/17 12:43

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities, on Tuesday, the direct distribution of 1380 pieces of residential land in the holy city of Karbala through the General Directorate of Municipalities one of the formations ministry.

He said the media center of the ministry in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the municipality free Directorate will start the distribution of [1380] a piece of residential land and the slides covered distribution, according to the ministry controls, indicating that the area of ​​a piece of residential land one of [300 m2" .

"The slides covered distribution are [political prisoners, pensioners, employees, displaced people and migrants, the martyrs of terrorist operations, employees who died from work, civilian staff and military personnel, journalists, holding advanced degrees, those with special needs, athletes Outstanding, widows, divorcees, wives of the missing , covered under Article [140], those affected who have lost parts of their bodies at the time of the former regime, the doctors jurisdiction, union members, politicians martyrs]. "

The General Directorate of Municipalities continuous creation and secretion of residential land in all Iraqi provinces for the purpose of distribution to the largest number of citizens in the form of meals.