Religious Endowments parliamentary calls for parliaments to attend the consultative meeting tomorrow

May 16, 2016 17:29
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The Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Parliamentary confirmed on Monday that disrupt Parliament for the performance of his role serves only the enemies of Iraq at the time showed that what happened from terrorist bombings, but is a clear message to the conflict of politicians among them, stressed the need to attend the Parliament session Consultative tomorrow, Tuesday

The Commission said in a statement news agency Buratha received a copy of it to disable the House of Representatives for the legislative role and oversight does not serve only the enemies of Iraq Aldoaash terrorists and Aldoaash Alvasudaian,
pointing out that what happened to political division and not sectarian in the House of Representatives but is in favor of correcting the political process if invest it properly but continue to lack the meeting will be reflected negatively on everyone and does not serve only terrorism and corruption.

She said the terrorist bombings that targeted our people in Baghdad and other provinces but it is a clear message that the conflict between us and the strength of our opponents fought Vtvchloa and go depart

He continued: Out of taking responsibility for the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs at its meeting held on 05.16.2016 As a matter of legitimacy and the National Secretariat.

We call on our brothers of Representatives to attend the meeting of the consultative on Tuesday in the Constitutional Hall at 11 am for dialogue and the development of a final solution and convincing to everyone in order that the House resumes its true role in the people who elected him to be Alhakavi them Representative representation.

We call on MPs to rise up to the performance of the Secretariat that put their necks on the votes of their constituents and honestly the greatest, a partition that Aksmnah before God and our people to be loyal to our people and our nation ..

Per this Nstanhi you, your zeal on every drop of blood fell on the battlefield against Aldoaash that you bring to contribute to the construction of Iraqna wounded, the statement said ..