This is what al-Sadr demanded by the mass of the presidency of the parliament, commenting on the deteriorating security situation

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest

MP for the Liberal bloc Messenger Tai, on Monday, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to convene an emergency session to question the interior and defense ministers and the dismissal of security chiefs for negligence against the backdrop of the deteriorating security situation in the capital Baghdad.

He said al-Taie in a statement received "Sky Press," that "the deteriorating security situation in Baghdad recently the latest terrorist bombing in the chest and Kadhimiya holy city and the terrorist attack calling on the Taji gas plant requires the Presidency of the Council of Representatives an emergency meeting held this week to discuss the security situation and Reform government and change the minister. "

"The presidency of the parliament called upon today to question the interior and defense ministers and the dismissal of corrupt security leaders and shortened especially in areas that have experienced recent violations and hold them accountable."

Tai pointed out that "the terrorist bombings indicate the presence of sleeper cells to regulate Daash in Baghdad," and urged the intelligence community for urgent action and the liquidation of those cells and beheaded snake linking terrorists in Baghdad and Daash leaders in Mosul and Fallujah. "

The capital, Baghdad escalation serious security, after the escalation of operations Daash criminal particularly in Baghdad belt areas, the southern and the northern and the western, most recently, yesterday, after he broke into the suicide of Taji gas plant and blew themselves up inside the plant, causing considerable damage to the laboratory on the one hand and the death and injury of many security employees and workers in the lab