Kurdish blocs calling for a comprehensive session of parliament
[Where - Baghdad]
demanded the Kurdish bloc need for a comprehensive meeting of the House of Representatives , "held that preceded sufficient consensus among the parliamentary blocs."
The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc Muthana Amin during a press conference with the heads of Kurdish blocs after the end of their meeting today, said that " the Kurdish blocs views with concern and crucial to the political and security situation in Iraq, consistent with the parties claiming the need for a comprehensive meeting of the House of Representatives held that preceded consensus adequate between the parliamentary blocs. "
he added , " the Prime Minister to invest time and accelerate its efforts to create a consensus for change and the ministerial amendment, and therefore as a commander of the armed forces of the Interior and the ministries of defense bear all responsibilities for the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq in general and Baghdad , especially, if surprised by the continuing threats repeated here and there, targeting state institutions and the political process as a whole, and the absence of deterrent measures for it. "
the Secretary to the" Kurdish blocs stresses the need to implement the conditions listed in the paper the political agreement between the parliamentary blocs to form a government and presented to Ebadi and on which participated Kurds in the ministerial cabin, most notably to compensate victims of former regime and provide livelihood of citizens and support the Peshmerga that offer the finest sacrifices against terrorism and Daash forces. "
He noted that" the Kurdish blocs to confirm its willingness to continue constructive dialogue with other political and parliamentary blocs to emerge from the government and the parliamentary crisis. "