We were: to agree on a parliament session this week without rescheduled
Monday, May 16, 2016
- 13:44
MP Kanna
The chairman of Iraq's parliamentary bloc Kanna all the political blocs to agree on holding the parliamentary session this week, without specifying a date for the contract because of the lack of resolve to attend the Kurds of Representatives as well as the House of Representatives of the protesters.

He said we were told Mrbd that the recent meeting of leaders of political blocs led to the final agreement because the complexity of the parliamentary session to complete the vote on the government's reforms, saying the decision President of the Kurdistan Regional Government claim MPs, ministers Kurds to return to sessions Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives as a positive sign for the near Quorum of parliament is completed in preparation for the holding of that meeting indicating that the declaration deadline has scheduled this week will be after the end of a meeting with the leaders of Representatives Kurds in the Kurdistan region on Monday, as well as the continuation of the dialogue with the protesters, who mostly see the need to hold the hearing.

And the head of the Rafidain bloc that last meeting, which was held yesterday for the heads of blocs and the Presidium of the parliament as well as a number of parliamentary committees missed the representative of the Liberal bloc and the Kurdistan Alliance with attended the meeting that a number of entrants MPs Front reform was among them deputy state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar.

And we expect to be a change in government cabin Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi comprehensive although there are tendencies among some blocs that have partially fundamentally change.

He said we were as a member of the Labour and Social Affairs to change the Prime Minister to the Minister of Labor Mohammad Xiaa Sudan that is a big mistake on the grounds that the latter led According to say we performed well during the administration of the ministry in the past two years. http://www.almirbad.com/news/view.as...b-880e3e5a4c8b