Kurdish parliamentarian: we need some understandings and dialogues before going to Baghdad

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Arafat Karam, said on Monday that the Kurdish blocs need some understandings and dialogues before going to Baghdad.

He said Karam told {Euphrates News} Today, that "the Kurdish blocs in continuous meetings to resolve the crisis, the Iraqi parliament sessions; Nana is not involved in the political process."

He stressed "the importance of holding preliminary meetings ahead of the parliamentary session to ensure the non-recurrence of a disaster intrusion once again with the participation of all the political blocs, including the sitters of Representatives."

And Kurdish blocs announced earlier for refusing to return to Baghdad after the storming of parliament by protesters, but the decision of the project Kurdish and guarantees of non-recurrence of events confirms that took place in the House of Representatives.

The Iraqi arena is witnessing a wave of anger after a severe exposure to violent Baghdad bombings claimed the lives of dozens of her sons, as he continues his wise and wise men from the country's leaders to hold hearings with the rest of the blocks for the proboscis Alhalah.anthy crisis 1