US official: We started to isolate and blockade Daash operation in Mosul
Oman / AFP

Brett Macgork envoy of US President Barack Obama in the international coalition against al Daash, said Sunday in Amman, to isolate and blockade extremist organization in Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq , the process has begun.
He Macgork, in a press conference that "the campaign to isolate and crush the siege of the organization the Islamic State (Daash) in Mosul has begun."
" We are waging a minute raids in Mosul every day, and we have a lot of information from people inside Mosul on (Daash) and what the organization is doing in the city. "
the battle of Mosul harder against extremists due to the large size and remoteness from the capital They communicated in ways that are complex and many supply Bamaaqlhm in Syria. The United States is leading an international coalition waging since the summer of 2014 strikes against Daash in Syria and Iraq.
He Macgork that the coalition " is making progress now against Daash , " adding that "there is a great constant pressure and in sync on the organization."
He said the US official that "Caliphate State as they call it shrinks , they are now on the defensive (...) their areas of influence is shrinking and that they returned to the suicide bombings against civilians. "
he added Macgork" what we see today is a return to the pattern Daash suicide bombings (...) we saw in the last two weeks , tragic and horrific attacks in Baghdad and the last Sunday in Taji. "
the US official also said that" what we are doing today we could not do a year, the day before there synchronous constant pressure against the organization. "
managed the international coalition to restore most of the residents of Tikrit , north of Baghdad to their homes, as the coalition is seeking re - gray (residents ) west of Baghdad to their homes, according to Macgork.
He said the UN envoy that "about 60 thousand have returned to gray, and unfortunately killed 100 of them by mines , improvised explosive devices left by (Daash) behind him , " he said , adding that the coalition will spend 50 million dollars to clean up the city. Baghdad announced in late December regain control of the city of Ramadi , from the grip of regulation.