The end of the meeting Jubouri heads of blocs and the security and financial committees out by 7 recommendations Sunday 15-05-2016 | 2:55:58
Twilight News Meeting / End your heads of political blocs and the competent committees two cases the security and finance, headed by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

According to a statement issued by the presidency of the parliament responded to the Twilight News, "Given the state of the country of exceptional crises critical, it is the security and financial conditions, etc., and the interest of the higher interests of the country and to ensure the achievement of full victory over the common enemy Daash In order to overcome the current parliamentary crisis, met the Presidium the House of Representatives with the heads of political blocs on Sunday, in the presence of committees, defense and financial security and the economy. "

The statement added that he has taken a number of recommendations including: concern for the democratic and political process of the project in the country through the early holding of a comprehensive meeting of the House of Representatives this week. "

The statement pointed to "the formation of a committee of political forces to create and prepare the proper conditions for the meeting to meet various parliamentary parties and dialogue with them to reach a unified and harmonious vision conducive to holding a unified and comprehensive hearing."

The statement added that "During this meeting, the extension of the legislative term, given the state of the country and to initiate the implementation of comprehensive reforms and to pay particular attention to accomplish the basic legislation."

The statement pointed out that among the recommendations "to invite parliamentary committees to resume their daily work, particularly" committees, defense and financial security and the economy "and Bhoudo Executive relevant authorities, and accelerate to take the executive and legislative actions that contribute to overcome the current economic and financial crisis and questioning the security chiefs or military, for negligence in breaches last security. "

He pointed to "call upon all political forces decisively position within a short period and participation session of parliament in favor of the disabled people's issues for some time."

The statement continued, "The meeting stressed that every member of the House members bear a historic responsibility to save the country from deterioration, and that the constitutional and legal duties to the fullest, and that goes on in the presence of the upcoming session."

The statement went on that "Iraq is passing through a critical juncture threatens the security and stability of all aspects of the joints of the country, it is necessary to initiate urgent everything that serves the interests of the people and accelerate the implementation of the desired reforms of the cabinet reshuffle and the sacking of corrupt and accountable."

The statement concluded that "the meeting confirmed that the blood of the martyrs and the mixing is the unity of Iraqis title which is why we have to take responsibility and our presence in the parliament is the only place the crossing of democracy and sense the foundation for understanding and unite and leave the conflicts and avoids the imposition of conditions and dictations for the advancement of the real demands of the people."