Shiites for the Kurds: they dealt responsibly with the referendum and self-determination in the disputed big problem

Sunday 15-05-2016
| 1:49:05
Twilight News / leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Sunday called on the Kurdistan Region to deal responsibly and warned placed with the referendum and the right of self-determination and independence, returned the issue disputed between Arbil and Baghdad areas are the biggest problem.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, the "identity of the Kurdistan independence of the conference in the era of Alalomh" held in the province of Sulaimaniyah, he said that "the Kurdish people suffered injustice and was forced to face the other folks, and I for me I support these people, but to be his steps deliberate, and be familiar with them."

He added that "We still have time to resolve differences and outstanding issues between us, and the place reserved Kurds in the Iraqi constitution, which we have written, it is supposed to go back to what we have written and agreed upon."