Talabani sends a reassuring message to Iraq: if we decided to independence, this will not erase our existence as neighbors
Sunday 15-05-2016
| 1:45:25

Twilight News Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region inhibited / said on Sunday he can not begin the process of the referendum on self-determination without preparing in advance, describing the subject that does not bear auction or use it as leverage to gain concessions.

He said in the speech, during a conference at the University of Sulaimaniyah, said the right to self-determination included in the box is the natural right of the Kurdish people.

"We want to insure those who love us from the Arabs that they will be our partners in the state and the earth and the future, and if we can not live in a part of one state must be destined to be neighbors, adding that" no matter how long there will be a political decision to erase our survival with Iraq's neighbors. " http://www.ara.shafaaq.com/70976