Deputies meeting government assures regardless salaries Ptoukatadtha agree to hold near session
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced a meeting of the parliamentary blocs and the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives with some government figures, he decided to hold a parliament session as soon as possible, while Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet that employees and pensioners will be spent in the timing will not affect the final, revealing obtaining details Iraq $ 17 billion from the international Monetary Fund.
According to MP who attended the meeting nostalgia Qaddo told {Euphrates News} " The meeting decided to hold the parliament session as soon as possible, and to continue the meetings of the committees, defense and financial Alniabaten continuous security."
He added that " the agent financial and Minister Fadhil Nabi revealed negotiations with the International Monetary Fund details , to give Iraq of 16-17 billion dollars, will be presented during this year 's $ 6 billion to ease the financial crisis, and that the benefits of 1-2% , which is a simple benefits, and imposed several conditions Fund, including that are reported to the IMF every six months showing income Iraqi and expenses.
" the agent said not to prejudice the salaried retirees and employees shall be final and will be disbursed on schedule."
he stressed that "Iraq if it was signed by the World Bank conditions, the US President Barack Obama will persuade industrialized nations to pay assistance to Iraq in the coming years and will Iraq rerun in long - term. "
He noted that" the meeting tried to solve the problems with the opponents of the House of Representatives, there are meetings of the Kurdish blocs , which are also its attitude positive so far from the hearings, as well as there is a meeting of the National alliance on Thursday evening, to boycott the objectors and the Sadrists. "
He attributed the failure to attend the Ministers of defense and internal security leaders to the security situation witnessed north of Baghdad , areas, and will attend tomorrow at the last meeting of the heads of blocs and the board presidency. "
the heads of political blocs competent security and financial committees held a meeting chaired by Salim al - Jubouri , head of the House of Representatives.
a source in parliament said , " Salim al - Jubouri , chairman of the board Representatives headed to the heads of political blocs and the competent committees of security and finance the special meeting; to consider amending the budget law, and the security situation in Baghdad. " the presidency of the House of Representatives called on Thursday, heads of political blocs, but Jannati security and financial Alniabaten to a special meeting next Sunday {today}; to discuss modifying the budget law, and the security situation, as well as urgent to agree on a date for the meeting of the House of Representatives, and discuss the extension of the legislative term .anthy