Sunni conflict within the home of the succession of al-Jabouri..


Saleh Al-mutlaq armed with " dagger " to meet " extremist " Messari
Deputy Iraqis, revealed the existence of mobility as strong within the confines of the union forces do not end file sacking Salim Al-Jabouri, selection of another character enjoy the admissibility of between the political blocs, amid strong competition between the mass of the challengers, headed by Osama Al-Nujaifi and Arab bloc Under the chairmanship of Saleh Al-Mutlaq to wheel position.

Voted members of the Iraqi Council of representatives from lmtşmyn, on 14 April 2016, for the removal of the president of the board salim al-Jabouri, following the political crisis resulting from the dispute over the nomination of ministers of the new proposed by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi Between the supporters of the ministers of technocrats and holding on to the privileges of political parties.

To Al-Jabouri meeting attended by Deputy Backers of the presidency, and voted on the invalidity of decisions lmtşmyn meetings.

And the capital saw Jordan Amman yesterday, a meeting of the first congress of the union forces at the home of the former deputy haidar mullah ended with an agreement in principle to change salim al-Jabouri, leading with the emergence of the front-Mutlaq Muhammad Tamim Al-Jabouri candidate for the presidency of the parliament.

And he said the attorney in speaking of miserable news, request not to refer to his name, a number of adf instructed the leadership for her to move to replace the speaker salim al-jabouri due to the position of rejecting the deputies lmtşmyn and, in the presence of al-Jabouri Chair.

He's a strong union forces to see al-jabouri lost the ability to run the parliament and the protection of its members and particularly after entering the protesters, and leave the parliamentarians without protection, and some to detention in the basement of the council, including the attorney Ahmad Messari and deputy Abdul Vanquisher waning.

And he said, "there is strong competition between mass saleh al-Mutlaq about receiving support from other blocks on the candidacy of Muhammad Tamim Al-Jabouri and mass are united which organs ahmad messari under the guidance of Osama Al-Nujaifi, to be used as an alternative ready to salim al-jabouri".

He's afraid of the coalition are united put on parliamentary blocs messari outside the union's corridors of power due to the position of the national coalition of last person, as it considers the majority of the deputies of the rule of law "extreme".

Attorney, and continued to block saleh al-Mutlaq talking about getting it on the support of Sunni personal dagger Thursday, another salient points of influential within the sunni component but afraid of files or old charges someone tamim concerning corruption files in the days of his ministry Education in the previous government.

And I started the crisis that led to the deputies to the claim for the removal of al-Jabouri, following the suspension of the al-Jabouri Parliamentary meeting was in session with a view to vote on a list of 14 candidates for membership in the government by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi after negotiating with the heads of the political blocs .

Refused a large number of representatives to vote on this list, demanding to return to list. First, it was-Abadi and included the names of 16 candidates of technocrats and independent, but had to adjust the pressure of political parties Stick to submit their nominations to the government.

Al-Jabouri decided to adjourn the meeting even reach consensus, individual against the sit-in at the headquarters of the council of representatives, they demanded the resignation of the presidency of the council.

And seeks the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, under pressure from the street of the sadrist movement to the application of the reforms include a change of government, and put an end to the siege particular ethnic and political, which contradicted the parties the window.