Minister of Education directed all departments to quickly accomplish the smart card to eliminate the problem of salaries File

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Economy News / Baghdad

The Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal pharmacist, on Sunday, all the districts to the Ministry of Education to quickly complete the smart card to eliminate the problems of salaries file, as he emphasized his eagerness to accomplish this is to protect the lives of teachers and prevent a repeat of the theft of their salaries accidents.

He said the Information Office of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal, in a statement received "Economy News", a copy of " The minister Muhammad Iqbal authorized Directorates General contracted with for the issuance of ironing Card own cards regardless salaries for the staff of directorates companies , " stressing "his eagerness to accomplish this is to protect the lives teachers, teachers and prevent a repeat of incidents of theft of their salaries. "

The statement added, "There is a mixed activity between districts in the speed of implementation of the project , " noting that " the Directorate General of Education Karkh second second Rusafa of the first district , which began issuing ironing Card for faculty members and educational bodies, as well as employees, according to a new mechanism to ensure high flexibility cruise work and not to wait and delay in issuing the card. "

The statement called for , the rest of the district to "speed up the implementation of the project and emulate these districts in order to end this file is important."

The Ministry of Education issued on Sunday , the (6 March 2016), its directorates in the capital Baghdad and the provinces , regardless of its employees ' salaries through electronic card is the (Ki - Card) to prevent theft, and while confirming the necessity of wide open outlets in the province in order to facilitate the receipt of salaries, banker praised the role of the Rafidain and Rasheed their support to facilitate the distribution task.

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