The task of talks between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund for a loan worth $ 16 billion

Views 55 Date 15/05/2016 - 22:49

Economy News. / Baghdad
Began in the Jordanian capital Amman, preliminary talks between the Iraqi delegation senior government, and between the officials of the International Monetary Fund for Iraq in preparation for a loan of 16 Milirdolar, fill Aladzvi the general budget of the country,
This was announced to journalists, a member of the Iraqi delegation, Almstcharalmala Prime Minister Mzarmohamd favor, explaining that the purpose of the meetings, which began yesterday, Tstmrasbuaa, get a loan worth 16 Milirdolar, delivers payments to Iraq in three years.
Noting that the discussions focused on the economic situation in Iraq in general, and nothing has been so far to identify the aspects of the loan payments for Aumbalg Exchange.
The delegation is headed by Iraq's negotiator with the International Monetary Fund, Finance Minister Hochearzibara, while membership includes Mscharrias Minister for Financial Affairs Mzarmohamd Saleh, Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, and a number of officials in the ministries of oil, finance and planning, electricity and central bank.


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