Trade Bank of Iraq to win in one of excellence and achievement banking awards.

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He won the Trade Bank of Iraq, one of excellence and achievement Arab Banking Awards for 2016, so winning the award strongest bank in terms of trade finance in Iraq, at the annual ceremony held by the International Union of Arab Bankers, in Beirut.
And handed Mr. Wissam Fattouh, secretary general of the Union and Mr. Joseph Tarabay President of the Union, the prize for the lady Hamdiya Dry General Manager of the Bank, in the presence of a large number of senior bankers, regulators and international figures, from global and regional institutions.

It is worth mentioning here that the excellence and achievement banking granted in the month of May of each year, in accordance with the standards and requirements prescribed by the Union, which is a bank consortium of more than five hundred members, across the Arab world and the rest of the globe, and issued a magazine concerned with things banking and finance awards are ( The Banking Executive Magazine).

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