Hilali: Jubouri will be held Tuesday's hearing full quorum and our deputies will not Ahoudroha


MP explained on the reform front Parliamentary smile, on Monday, the House Speaker Salim al-held overall parliamentary session on Tuesday next full quorum, called upon the MILF members not to attend any meeting headed by al-Jubouri, or one of his deputies.

She said Hilali told her that "is acceding to the front of the protesters Representatives and the political blocs willing to attend the comprehensive session called for by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and scheduled to be held next Tuesday," indicating that "the Vice-reform front would not attend any meeting of the current presidency as an article in accordance with the constitutional frameworks ".

She added that, "Saleem al-Jubouri will achieve its quorum in the presence of the Kurdistan Alliance MPs who have confirmed their attendance for the Jabouri session after their demand to return to Baghdad by Nechirvan Barzani."

And the holding of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, this morning, a meeting with the competent parliamentary committees security and financial affairs in the parliament building to discuss political, security and economic developments, while the conferees agreed to hold a comprehensive parliamentary session for all the political blocs on Tuesday.