House sitters offer a new initiative for the presidency over parliament crisis

May 14, 2016 16:57
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The protesters gave the House of Representatives, on Saturday, a new initiative for the presidency of Parliament about the crisis.

The MP said Khalid al-Asadi that "the deputies [reform] Front, formed by the sitters of Representatives met today with President Fuad Masum, and offered the invitation includes a request to convene a session of Parliament, headed by a new agreed by all political parties."

He added, "The application contains nominations are open to the presidency of the new parliament to work on a solution to the current political crisis," pointing out that "the political parties began to dialogues and real efforts to resolve the current crisis, which was reached Halhh of the status quo and a convergence of views."

The MPs from different political blocs hold fast to the end of the month of April the parliament building to demand the resignation of the three presidencies and the implementation of reforms and elected president of the National Alliance parliamentary bloc, Adnan al-Janabi, chairman of their meetings but failed several times to hold a full quorum sessions as counting Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri his dismissal was unconstitutional and illegal.

The parliamentary crisis evolved to demonstrators storming the Green Zone in 30 of last April and entered the parliament building and assaulted some of them beating on deputies, including the Kurds called for Kurdish blocs to leave Baghdad and the province of the Council of Representatives.

Parliament has been unable since then to hold hearings because of the province of the blocks and physical damage to the hall sessions.