The launch of the Land Bank loans

Views 12 Date 14/05/2016 - 16:44

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Publicly the Iraqi Real Estate Bank for the resumption of the launch of housing loans to build a pan-citizens by 30 million at an interest rate of 2% and pay extends to 20 years.

An official source in the bank that the bank resumed its activity in the launch of housing loans for all citizens in Baghdad and the provinces and the financial amounts ranging from 20 to 30 million and an interest rate of no more than 2% max for construction or add construction.

The source urged all citizens to review the bank branches in the capital and the provinces in order to get housing loan application form and the promotion of official transactions for the purposes of the sponsor and the loan amount, purpose and registration on housing loan for the next period.

He said the guidelines and instructions for granting housing loans for the construction of housing units involved to have the loan amount according to the building and about 20 million dinars for new construction of the space (75 m 2-100 m 2) and $ 25 million for an area (101 m 2-125 m 2), as well as grants $ 30 million for the construction area (126 m2 and above) extends the duration of the payment for (20) years of service and loan (2%).

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