Twilight News disclose the content of the "reform front" initiative on the country's crisis and received by the infallible

Saturday 14-05-2016 | 4:12:03

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Twilight News / MP
for reform Abdul Salam al-Maliki front revealed on Saturday the initiative provided by the Front on the political crisis in the country to the President of the Republic Fuad Masum.

Maliki said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, he was "Anthi delegation negotiating with the President Fuad Masum meeting, it was handed over to the front initiative to resolve the crisis and appended to the names of 96 deputies starts in a row (1) Ibtisam al-Hilali, ending a row (96) Hristii Ithawi.

He added, "it was the recitation of the letter to the President in front of his advisers. Both Sherwan Waeli Qahtan al-Jubouri and others. "

He said al-Maliki said, "Masum told us that he discussed with his advisers will also be going to the region to sit down with the Kurdish blocs and also will sit with the head of the judiciary."

He said Masum "inquired of the delegation, is the front temporary or permanent answer was by us that we are now a permanent part of the front."

Maliki and pointed out that he "has to be noted that the LTTE would not participate in the next government. And will not take any position other than a legislative or executive committees of the Council. "

And the transfer of al-Maliki from infallible as saying that "the formation of an opposition front has become necessary and that he supports the move."

MP for the reform front that "we have seen a response by the Chancellery, who confirmed that he is entitled to directing a request to the House of Representatives, not old for the presidency under the constitution."

He concluded by al-Maliki as saying he "was noted in the talk show that the rest of the Union of Forces demand from the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, has decided to resign or go to his dismissal and was clear and that he received this information from the responsible party."