Sistani's representative attackers officials: Chkunakm to God

| (Voice of Iraq) - Karbala attacked top Shi'ite cleric Ali al - Sistani officials harshly wondering about the time they return to their senses and stop the muddle in the management of the country .. Shakya them to God. The representative of the reference Sistani religious in Karbala , Ahmad Safi, today during Friday prayers in the courtyard Husseini, wondering when the officials come back to their senses and stop "confusion" in the management of the country, and added that "words fail to describe the ugliness of tragedies and bad passes by the country." he added, "If it was not surprised by the terrorists persist in committing massacres and boasting bloodshed, everyone wonders when officials wanted to come back to their senses and let the harassment and attention to special interests and collect their word to stop the decline and disarray in the management of the country. " He added," I do not avail deaf listening to the voices of mentors .. Hkwankm to God. " the religious authority warned on Wednesday (May 4 2016), the political parties to continue the current approach in dealing with the crisis experienced by Iraq, calling for steps to be taken "serious and concrete" out of the status quo. the capital , Baghdad, on Wednesday (11 May 2015), three deadly car bombs in Sadr city and Kadhimiya courtyard entrance of Aden city and street spring in the university district, killing 103 people and wounding 155 others

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