Prison sentences for people tried to steal 15 billion dinars from the State-owned banks

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - May 12 / May: Integrity Commission revealed on Thursday, issuing a set provisions to imprison customers state banks; for their feet on the theft of public funds.

According to the investigations department in the Commission in a press release, issued a competent criminal court to consider issues of fairness provision to imprison convicted (happiest Jaafar Nasser) A Rafidain Bank customers - the branch president for six years for trying to steal $ 13 billion dinars.

Circuit explained that "convicted of attempted theft of money by pulling the instrument to a beneficiary (divisive lawsuit) from a branch without the presence of an amount covering the value of the instrument drawn , " indicating that " the court found as a result Available have evidence and testimony sufficient and convincing to incriminate him."

According to the department, " the court issued another provision to imprison all of the convicts (Saad Jabbar Mohammed backpacks and Ali Gomaa Hassoun) for a period of ten years; for their feet on the theft of 495 million dinars by conducting clearing without the Rafidain Bank - coronary branch makes sure the drawer is calculated by a the private banks.
The report added that he ruled the same court sentenced to ten years in prison (Firas Farhan Kadhim Nawfali) A Rafidain Bank customers - coronary branch; for daring to steal more than one billion dinars by editing under bank by one of the defendants divisive case at the expense of internal branches that may not be drag them in cash.

The department said the court also sentenced the convicted (Kareem Abdul Ali Abdul Hassan and Aziz Khalid Abdullah al - Azzawi) for a period of ten years each and every one of them; for their feet on the theft of public funds, revealing the feet of those convicted on the theft of $ 159 million dinars from the Rafidain Bank by editing the instrument one of the beneficiaries who deposited the instrument in the Rasheed Bank, where he did not mention the first bank (Mesopotamia) second bank of good to the lack of balance covers the amount withdrawn, as the amount was withdrawn from a branch of first Bank of Iraq by making a set - off.

She circle that included provisions resolutions issued against convicted endorse booking their movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final.

In the same context , the investigations department in the Commission disclosed its verdict in absentia sentenced to seven years in prison each of the former Secretary General of the Red Crescent Society and the directors of ex - accounts and control them, pointing out that the competent integrity issues , the Criminal Court sentenced in absentia serving jail each of the convicted (Mazen Abdullah Salloum Samurai) , the former Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, and (Walid Abbas Haev Alhgelaoa) former Director of the accounts in the Assembly, and (Hamid Abdul Sattar Ibrahim al - Ani) previous inspection Assembly director for seven years to cause intentional damage money the party that they work more than 647 million dinars; as a result of committing irregularities in the contract between the Assembly and the Levant company for General Trading.

Referred to the Integrity Commission is working to track the suspicions in the work of banks, and managed through its work to prevent the exchange of hundreds of billions that almost acted unlawfully. Q ended