EU binds its aid to Iraq to achieve national reconciliation
May 13, 2016

Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: The European Union's ambassador in Iraq called on Iraqi political leaders to listen to the people, messages, warning of the economic problems caused by internal political crises. He said that «to provide aid to Iraq requires the existence of national reconciliation.»
Patricks Simonet said in a press conference in Baghdad that «political problems create economic problems. Combating Daash cost too much, and the problem of the displaced have increased the cost.

This as well as the price of oil in the concession. We have, then, all of these factors combined, thus weakening the potential for reconstruction and the establishment of other projects ».

He says: «We signed a cooperation agreement in 2011, and a partnership between Iraq and the EU, and through it there will be more cooperation between us. This will be if there were a national reconciliation and political reforms », adding:« We have a lot of overall placements and programs on development ».

And the current parliament crisis, he pointed out that «the authorities to provide full protection for parliamentarians in order to feel safe while they in their parliament», and the «politicians and party leaders to listen to the people, messages and demands for reform and find solutions to the problems of the people solutions».

Simonet stressed that «the EU does not interfere in the internal political affairs of Iraq .. and we do not give solutions, but listen to the solutions. When we feel good we support. »

He said EU Ambassador to Europe's experience in reconciliation, saying: «in Europe - after the two world wars and a lot of divisions and 28 were non-democratic state and have problems - we made sure that when a country that wishes to evolve For citizens that reconciled. We could not reconstruction of Europe again only through reconciliation and leaving aside differences. And confirmed that the role of an effective civil society organizations in this process and also the role of the countries in the region, and by supporting this process and to encourage them. »

He addressed the media and opinion issues, pointing out that «a lot of media problems were in Spain, France and Greece. But when there is trust between the political representatives problems can not determine freedom of expression, especially when it is peaceful, because freedom of expression in the street must be peaceful and must not contain hate. Also there must be a balance between freedom of expression and responsibility «, and that« this is when you have a strong legislation ».

He called on the CMC and the Iraqi Media Network to work «efficiently», adding that «this is what we are trying to do in the establishment of a free and responsible media».

The European Union mission in Iraq, efforts to achieve progress and reforms in Iraq in the various political, economic and security fields, also provide various kinds of support to the Iraqi government.