The opening of the financial Matmralhmol small and medium enterprises in Cairo with the participation of an Iraqi delegation

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Opened in Cairo on Thursday, the Conference of financial inclusion for small and medium enterprises, and the role of banks and security institutions, with the participation of delegations representing the private and public banking sector as well as representatives of the central banks in Arab countries.

Iraq represented at the conference, a delegation that included both, Mscharmhafez Central Bank and Idi Walid, the director of the Iraqi company guarantees Rola Saleh, and Mscharcil Achorata Abdul Hamid Saeed Bank administration.

Almatmraly it received in the two-day research and studies on national agendas financial inclusion by enabling small and medium enterprises, and Doralbnuk centralization in the development of regulations for Tazizembdo financial inclusion of these projects as it represents a national priority.

Research also addresses the importance of systems and security programs in risk reduction, enabling banks to reduce its capital requirements and improve risk rate.

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