Harthi: flopping between centralization and decentralization of failing economic profile

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The Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment Harith al-Harithi, Thursday, to spare no refund smuggled abroad and detect corrupt names and show public opinion will not promote the economic reality, noting that attempts to restore Iraq's economy to what it was "failure".

Saaed parallel/n news/economic file, manages all of the files in Iraq ", adding that" there are floundering between centralization and decentralization and therefore believe that current economic file failed. "
He added that "Government launches promises regarding the Iraqi economy and try to promote it," he said, adding that "no refund that got away by corrupt Plus Fund before 2003 and detect corrupt names lists and photos show in front of public opinion, Iraq's economy to precedent". All over
From: Heba Noureddine