Karbala exhibition kicks off the sixth for the economy and reconstruction and investment
Wrote: May 12, 2016

Kicks off the sixth exhibition of Karbala

Launched on Thursday, the activities of Karbala exhibition sixth of the economy and reconstruction and investment with the participation of more than two dozen Arab and foreign companies, in various sectors.

The general director of the General Company for Trade Iraqi business services Adel al-Masoudi in a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce press office said, "The opening of this exhibition comes on the sidelines of a ceremony of Karbala for the holy maintain day and that our company is intensifying its efforts to open a specialized exhibitions on the land of the provinces, especially the Holy provinces to achieve the goals in the construction and development movement comprehensive taking place in the country and the stability of the security situation. "

He Masoudi that "the increasing opening of exhibitions throughout the months of the year is just a guide and a message to the countries of the world that Iraq is secure, stable, the show post telecom companies including Zain and Investment Commission Karbala and civil society organizations in the province and the holy shrines Husseinia and Abbasid popular crowd and considers this exhibition Forum to exchange knowledge this exhibition a forum for the exchange of knowledge and technology progress and achieve the advanced stages of economic integration in line with the requirements of the new phase. "