Interior: Accounting any party does not recognize the national card

The number of visits: 1404 Published on: 11/5/2016, 23:55 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

The Interior Ministry announced that it will hold any party does not recognize the card as an official document "Manlh" Azmnha opening up new districts for the project in the province of Basra. "

According to a ministry statement he said, "Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban chaired a meeting of the Higher Committee for the draft national card in the presence of actors chock and involved in this project, and in the beginning of the meeting participants discussed the achievements of the decisions of the previous meeting, and drew Ghaban honored creators working in the national card project in all his joints and who have made efforts during an extraordinary work. "

Attendees also discussed the "opening of the conditions of the city of Basra circles stronghold and Abu Fertile operation in Basra province and preparations for that matter after visiting delegation from the ministry of these circles, where the Interior Minister on the need to support the opening of the process to ensure the successful manner that provides services to citizens high smoothly, also discussed the process the opening of many of the card departments in various regions of the country during the current year in order to ease the burden on the citizens. "

Attendees also stressed the "importance of adopting all state institutions on the national card is an official document and one substitute for the old archives, according to the directives of the prime minister, and in the case of non-recognition of any point of the Interior Ministry this card will be held accountable according to the law."

He called on the interior minister, "the offices of the Inspector General in the Ministry to follow up the work of national card and prevent the exploitation of any party or weak people, also called for the need to continue training for workers in the project card to get into the professional high ease red tape on the auditors of the fact that the citizen is at the forefront of the concerns of the Ministry of Interior ".