War: Call Jubouri dedicated to the work of parliamentary committees of the parliament and not to hold a parliamentary session

Dated: 05/11/2016 Wednesday 7:40

Follow-up / Iraq today

Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb said the decision of the President of the Parliament on 05.09.2016 of parliament invited to perform constitutional and legal duties on 10.05.2016 after nine days on the well-known stopover for the reasons, it arranges many traces, although the return to work of parliamentary committees and not to hold parliamentary session, such as suggesting the war: "

The invitation of the Speaker of Parliament this addressed to all members of Parliament, including the reformists House sitters are public call absolute and participation of those members in the work of parliament, allowing them to take all the measures decided upon by the Constitution and the law for members of parliament,

including attendance to Parliament with the express reservation to the presidency of the current parliament and submit a proposal for the dismissal of the current parliament and his two deputies, according to the provisions of the House of Representatives Law No. (50) of 2007 and the law of the replacement of the members of the House of Representatives No. (6) of 2006 as amended by Law (49) for the year 2007 and for the protestors reformists right as well as the dismissal of any parliamentary committee or his deputy,

or the decision of the Commission on according prescribed in Article conditions (68) of the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives does not affect the Mphatanhm of the Federal High Court on the constitutionality of the presidency Saleem al-Jubouri and the presidency,

if we know that such an issue take a long time because of the difficulty in proving the number of deputies present and the number of deputies who voted for the abolition of procedures when the previous parliament headed by Adnan al-Janabi, including the cancellation of the decision to dismiss the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri,

if we know that the vote won in secret and in the Great Hall of the parliament and not the plenary Hall of the parliament and behind closed doors. "

Adds war: "The call was for the exercise of parliamentary committees work, so that Article 60 of the Constitution referred to the parliamentary committees and organized the material (68) to Article 86 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives provisions of these committees and the necessity of the formation of committees of Members to taken into account in the formation desire of the member and the competence and experience system and decided to set up 24 standing committee distributed to all parliament activities begin Committee on Foreign relations and the Committee on Security and defense and the legal Committee and ends Committee members and the Committee of the clans and the complaints committee as regime decided that the number of members of each committee of at least seven members and not more than 15 members of these committees are elected,

his deputy and the decision of the Commission president and the authorized system committees broad powers including inviting ministers or their grade and deputy ministers and those with special grades and the most important powers of these committees are to submit proposals laws in accordance with the provisions of Article (60) of the Constitution and the study subjects and documents referred to by the President parliament and take the appropriate recommendations and approved the rules of procedure of the formation and achieve a temporary sub-committees and commissions. "

He concluded the war, saying: "The work of the committees is as important as the work of Parliament in meetings when the legislation of laws and control over the judiciary, where the parliamentary recess had begun to 01/05/2016, the extraordinary session of parliament held requires the issuance of a special invitation from the President of the Republic or the Prime Ministers or the President of the parliament or fifty members, and the work that he invited the House of Representatives today does not need to call an extraordinary because it is not related to meetings