Urgent .. Abadi announce see internationally backed for "the face of the economic and financial challenge."

Wednesday 11-05-2016 | 6:22:47

Twilight News / chaired by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi meeting with agents and managers Amyin in the financial, oil and planning, electricity and central bank and ministries to discuss the readiness Alantmaia agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the ongoing negotiations around the strategies and plans of the government for the promotion of sectors.

According to a government statement reported for Twilight News, the al-Abadi said the government aimed to reform is essential for the state within the policy and program and plans have been developed in the public purview and there is international support for Iraq in this area.

He noted that the government has the vision and strategies to address the economic and financial challenge that Iraq is going through as a result of lower oil prices and will reflect this matter gradually positively to the country and its citizens.