The government calls on the United Nations to help Iraq recover smuggled funds

Views 16 Date 05/10/2016 - 20:04

Economy News / Baghdad

He called on Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi United Nations to help Iraq recover the smuggled people 's money abroad, as he emphasized that his government declared war on corruption.

A government statement said, she received the "Economy News , " a copy of it to al - Abadi said in his speech during the workshop , which was hosted by Prime Minister 's Office in collaboration with the United Nations Development discussed ways to accelerate the anti - corruption program, and he delivered on his behalf assistant office manager Nofal Abu barns, the government began early in advance comprehensive reforms in all aspects of the state of war on corruption and announced relentlessly, calling on the United Nations and its specialized organizations to fight corruption to help Iraq recover people 's money smuggled abroad.

The statement added that the government is corruption and terrorism one enemy, and at the time , which is fighting our soldiers and our people , terrorism, fighting other soldiers in the various oversight, integrity and anti - corruption this dangerous scourge devices, we have been realized from the beginning that the road to reform and the fight against corruption will not be easy, but we are confident of win this battle because our people stand with us.

He also called on the world to unite against corruption as unite against terrorism, noting that the freedom of the right of peoples to innovate and adopt and live in peace, and may not be granted spoilers and terrorists , this freedom to destroy people 's lives and their future and plunder its resources.

And it was attended by the Special Representative of the United Nations Development Programme for its Lisa Grande workshop and a number of international experts and head of the Integrity Commission Hassan Yasiri inspectors general in the ministries of the state and its institutions.

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