Handal calls for increased attention to private banking sector, and to overcome the obstacles preventing progress

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Special / Economy News:

The head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal to increased interest in private banking sector, and to overcome the obstacles that still suffers, urged Handal told / Economy News / government to increase support for private banks and contribute to address the financial problems, in order to be able to contribute in sustainable development.

He noted the importance of the private banking Tazizdoralqtaa in supplying the national economy, through the opportunity for him to grant soft loans to small and medium projects in a comprehensive Atarkth be the private sector where Dorraada.

Quoting Handal examples of the difficulties faced by the private banks, including the precipitant borrowers stopped paying loans granted to them, especially in the hot areas are still suffering from the extraordinary security situation, withholding the deposit and imports of financial state it, and its submission to the government banks exclusively, by the 95 convergence percent.

Stressing the need for the central Iraqi Apadralpennek and other stakeholders to take measures to rescue troubled private banks, and financial compensation for lost liquidity, through the provision of long-term government soft loans Oosndhat Away symbolic benefits of further action to help them Tjaozassaobacha.

Noting that the number of troubled private banks financially Aetjaozasaba of one hand, so it's easy for the state to help them Tjauzmicaklha, stressing the importance of credit Tazizakaddrh for private banks, and take advantage of its reserves with the central bank in this area.

He renewed his call to deposit part of the Rafidain and Rasheed bank funds among private banks in exchange for soft benefits, in recent Atardam, and secure the liquidity they need.

Handal Turning to Iraq, the financial crisis caused by the decrease of the world Asaralinvt describing it as, / harmful and useless / at once, as it proved that the no alternative than to give the private sector Alldoralve deserves in supplying the country's economy as it needs support in times of crisis.

And Aattabralhandal SME support priority at this stage because of its importance to the revitalization of the private sector, and operation of labor and the elimination of unemployment.

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