The House of Representatives and the protection of the Peshmerga Regiment staff resume their work in parliament

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[Where - Exclusive]

The House of Representatives and the regiment protection officers resumed their Peshmerga Tuesday in the parliament building.

Correspondent agency all of Iraq [where] that "the parliament staff and protection of the Peshmerga Regiment resumed their work in the House of Representatives without the presence of members of parliament and parliamentary committees.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives announced the resumption of Parliament on Tuesday. "

The business sessions of parliament have been stalled since last April 30 because the protesters deputies crisis and the storming of the demonstrators to the Green Zone and the House of Representatives and deputies presented to assault and battery and decided to boycott hearings on the impact of political blocs.

He visited Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the Kurdistan region and discussed with the Kurdish blocs abandon the boycott and return to Houdor.anthy 14