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    Bgg newstime 5/9/2016

    bgg says(7:37 PM):
    OK - do you all want the long - drawn out narrative...

    Holly1 says(7:38 PM):
    BGG . if I am not here to hear all the news tonight ... TYVM... (F)

    cowboywads says(7:38 PM):

    bgg says(7:38 PM):
    or my short version...

    bouch69 says(7:38 PM):

    maine says(7:38 PM):

    cowboywads says(7:38 PM):

    wilsone says(7:38 PM):

    oldmechanic says(7:38 PM):
    short please

    bgg says(7:38 PM):
    Yeah - yeah - yeah.

    bouch69 says(7:38 PM):
    You are the man

    rdub0253 says(7:38 PM):
    short and percise please

    Holly1 says to bgg(7:38 PM):
    ummm just say RV.... works for Holly

    bgg says(7:38 PM):
    everyone wants that ...

    mydinar100 says(7:38 PM):
    give it your best shot

    belkat says(7:38 PM):
    long please we learn more

    larrykn says to Hutch(7:39 PM):
    long and drawin out

    bgg says to mydinar100(7:39 PM):

    bgg says to Dinarian1(7:39 PM):
    and you have NO IDEA... I am soooooooo much more
    incorrect" than that

    caravaggio says(7:39 PM):
    Long and always interesting

    Dinarian1 says(7:40 PM):
    OH... we are all in for it now!

    bgg says to Holly1(7:40 PM):
    Well thanks for all the effort Holly Tamale!!

    MrsBGG says to bgg(7:40 PM):
    Yes, thank you Holly girl! We appreciate you

    maine says(7:40 PM):
    i am getting older by the minute here!

    bgg says(7:40 PM):
    Here are the two big things...

    bouch69 says(7:41 PM):
    BGG Group going Public

    bouch69 says(7:41 PM):

    MrsBGG says(7:41 PM):
    Okay, it's Newstime!! If you have a questions or comment , please use your ?, Thank you!

    bgg says(7:41 PM):
    1) We are right in the middle of reform - political parties, GOI and fiscal (that is the part you care most about)...


    2) without Sadr and anywhere from 1-2 million of his followers trampling around the Green Zone - this never gets this close!! He is supporting Abadi and the "technocrat movement" ... mostly...

    MrsBGG says(7:46 PM):
    that was the short version

    bgg says(7:46 PM):
    Ok - now for the "why"...

    bgg says(7:46 PM):
    You all did ask for it that way.

    bouch69 says(7:47 PM):

    belkat says(7:47 PM):
    not me !

    bgg says(7:47 PM):
    and that is what I did...

    now - here's why...

    maine says(7:47 PM):
    i like that

    bgg says(7:48 PM):
    Here's some interesting insight...

    Deputy accused of "al-Maliki and al-Sadr" of trying to "acquisition" of the resolution

    Charges MP and leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Xuan Daoudi, on Monday, all of the leaders of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki and Moqtada al-Sadr of trying to "acquisitions" on the political resolution, and stressed that the National Alliance, "no longer exists", and Sunni leaders have become "homeless Kjmahearham" , and the Kurdistan Alliance faces a "divided and fragmented,"...

    bgg says(7:50 PM):
    This insight is from a MP from the PUK... (kind of the "outsider" of an "outsider party"... ) - decent insight, but not entirely "spot on"...

    He's saying Maliki and Sadr (from a Kurd view point - "they all look the same") are bent on hi-jacking this process and acquiring power. The problem with that point of view... Sadr has NOTHING to lose... and Maliki has EVERYTHING to lose. So it's not a "perfect prism" - so to speak...

    He's saying the NA doesn't exist anymore... and that is more in a "perverbial sense" than anything - but probably (at least functionally) right...

    the Sunnis are "homeless" and the KA (the "arch-rival" of the PUK to the North) is divided as well (which I am skeptical of... but who knows?)

    bgg says(7:55 PM):
    The storming of the parliament as a "black day in the history of Iraq's description," counting the whole of Iraq, "live today and the legitimacy of the leadership and the leaders of the crisis." The MP said Xuan Daoudi, in a statement, said that "Iraq is a leadership crisis hit its components three main different forms, leading to paralysis," returned to "Shiites who were previously discuss all political issues in the framework of the National Alliance and take decisions that are required in question, divided into three different currents, the first State of law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who is seeking to acquire the Shiite decision by the parliamentary majority. "

    bgg says(7:57 PM):
    The biggest things to get here are:

    1) the speaker views the storming of the Parliament as VERY BAD (however, there was no real damage done - just normal protests - if this were Egypt... that stuff would STILL BE BURNING...)

    and without it - you and I are much farther from the finish line than we are.

    he recovers the political turmoil to end up with exposing Maliki's attempt at a power grab in Parliament recently (you know - the failed one...)

    No doubt - the Shias are split. This is good for us.

    bgg says(8:00 PM):
    He said Daoudi, that "the current second is the Liberal Shiite Urubi, led by Moqtada al-Sadr, who tries as a result of weakness in the parliament to move street to impose their demands on behalf of the people," noting that the "third stream includes all of the mass of citizens and led by Ammar al-Hakim, by the Supreme Council Islamic, and Hadi al-Amiri by the Badr Organization, and Hashem al-Hashemi, by virtue bloc, led by the religious authority, Mohammed al-Yacoubi, and seeks the power to take the intermediate positions between the former currents, and believes in the Constitution and national partnership and the rule of law and believes that the Iraqi political process will not succeed without the Kurds and the Sunnis. "

    bgg says(8:01 PM):
    Here's where it gets a little wacky...

    this guy essentially aligns himself with Hakim and Ameri (both of whom I am VERY SUPICIOUS of right now)... leave it to the PUK to line up with some real $4iT bags...

    (that whole last line is pure propaganda... Sadr is ALL FOR THE IRAQI people - as a platform)... if those other CATS were all that in favor on the constitution - they would be accused of the corruption they are.

    bgg says(8:05 PM):
    He said Daoudi, that "the Kurds in Baghdad once enjoyed the pivotal character is Jalal Talabani, a strong alliance between the political limb, parliamentary and one block, is the Kurdistan Alliance," Msttrda that "the Kurdistan Alliance is facing a state of division and fragmentation, and the Kurdistan region was enjoying institutions legitimacy and an elected president and parliament voted him a powerful opposition, but all that no longer exists today. "...

    bgg says(8:08 PM):
    Skipping down to this part - where the Kurds (and most importantly this speaker - from the PUK - which, BTW can ROYALLY ki$$ my @$$ - these TURDS had a chance WAY BACK in during Maliki's first term to withdraw confidence from him... and they didn't do it - got bought off back then) don't have their "traditional alliances"... boo hoo... freakin' hoo...

    bgg says(8:09 PM):
    the article finishes with some blah, blah, blabitty blah... will Abadi get it done blah, blah, blah...

    Yes - I think he will.

    ESPECIALLY with this support from 2 million of Sadr's supporters...

    we might have just seen the T-Rex at the end of Jurassic Park turn into the HERO...

    MrsBGG says(8:10 PM):
    Does anyone have any questions ?

    bouch69 says(8:11 PM):
    That was so insightful and funny as $i....

    ikanfixit says(8:11 PM):
    How in your view handle parliment tomorrow, will anything get done

    bouch69 says(8:11 PM):

    MrsBGG says(8:11 PM):
    5 minute break, he will be right back... thank you

    ikanfixit says(8:11 PM):
    Sorry abadi

    Dinarian1 says(8:11 PM):
    Well, BGG...Tell us how you realllly feel!

    MrsBGG says(8:12 PM):
    okay, have your questions ready when he gets back

    Hutch says(8:12 PM):
    Remember... it's Newstime!! If you have a questions or comment , please use your ?, Thank you!

    subgirl says(8:13 PM):
    Please refrain from talking as sheila is still copying during the break!! THANK YOU!!

    MrsBGG says to Hutch(8:13 PM):
    Thank you!

    MrsBGG says(8:15 PM):
    No questions?

    ikanfixit says(8:15 PM):
    ?Millionday posted that there will be a parliment meeting tomorrow. In your view will anything get done?

    bgg says to ikanfixit(8:18 PM):
    Reportedly - yes, supposed to be a meeting tomorrow.

    strkrfan13 says(8:18 PM):
    what about that article stating not till 2017?

    popcorn says(8:18 PM):
    Ameri and hakim are they aligned together in thesame political party

    bgg says to strkrfan13(8:18 PM):
    That is a joke - there is no way the speaker could know that.

    jeffusa says(8:18 PM):

    bgg says to strkrfan13(8:19 PM):
    on the other hand - why even comment on it were it not REAL??

    strkrfan13 says(8:19 PM):
    BGG are you referring to the deletion of the zeros article?

    bgg says to strkrfan13(8:19 PM):
    I am

    belkat says(8:20 PM):

    bgg says to popcorn(8:20 PM):
    They are both Shias - not exactly in the same vein - but close to each other on the "pie chart"...

    MrsBGG says to jeffusa(8:20 PM):

    jeffusa says(8:20 PM):
    can I bring in an article about the new ministers

    bgg says to jeffusa(8:20 PM):
    You may - and thank you for asking.

    jeffusa says(8:20 PM):
    Special - balances News
    Parliamentary source revealed high-level, on Monday, for the determination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sending new ministers to perform the constitutional oath before the Federal Court in the absence of parliament to hold its meeting.
    The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / balances News / "The Prime Minister is working on sending new ministers to the Federal Court to perform the constitutional oath imam rather than the House of Representatives in the event of failure to take place."
    The source added that "This step is a constitutional right and not give the minister powers unless it leads constitutional oath before the members of the council."
    The House of Representatives voted earlier, the dismissal and change the five new ministers in the government of Alebadi.

    jeffusa says(8:21 PM):
    putting them in place.... NOW

    belkat says(8:21 PM):
    millionday has said that many of the laws are passed, amnesty, hcl, etc... but recently read none were passed?

    bgg says to belkat(8:21 PM):
    that is a misunderstanding is all...

    bgg says to jeffusa(8:21 PM):
    that is VERY CURIOUS.

    belkat says(8:21 PM):
    sorry, first timer here, don't understand the rules yet

    belkat says(8:22 PM):
    thank you, bgg

    jeffusa says(8:22 PM):
    I liked it.... thought you might also

    bgg says to jeffusa(8:22 PM):
    He's getting these guys approved and sworn in - and ready to go STAT!!

    no stalling BS from the Maliki branch of Parliament.

    bgg says to jeffusa(8:23 PM):

    bg033 says(8:23 PM):
    ?Also in a posting today a figure of 1.134 to 1 dollar to be used for some economic planning / for 3 years ???? anyone have info on this?

    jeffusa says to bgg(8:23 PM):
    not being stopped... can't swear you in here... go to the Federal court ...

    jtcolorado says(8:24 PM):
    Hey BGG, Do you think that threats finally have quieted M and from who? He is quiet then loud then quiet then loud ... he seems to be on the quiet end now.

    bgg says to bg033(8:24 PM):
    That is a post I did earlier today - it is DIRECTLY FROM THE MoP (Iraq GOI Ministry of Planning's WEBSITE)... they have had it posted for quite some time...

    bg033 says(8:25 PM):
    Thanks BGG

    popcorn says(8:25 PM):
    can the prime minister appoint the remaing ministers without going through the patliament

    bgg says to bg033(8:25 PM):
    partially in response to this IDIOT that keeps e-mailing me (some dumb @$$ guru wanna' be) that there isn't any FACTUAL info on the Dinar...

    bgg says to bg033(8:26 PM):
    I was like - ARE YOU AN IDIOT?? LIVING ON MARS??

    we post actual news and facts every single day...

    The Private FB Group -

    The D.U.C.E. List...

    I get 'updates' every day. Thanks

    This Chat Room -

    bgg says(8:28 PM):
    What am I missing here??

    sassy says(8:28 PM):
    BGG in rare form. Gotta love it

    jeffusa says to bgg(8:28 PM):
    the date?

    subgirl says to bgg(8:28 PM):

    sassy says(8:28 PM):
    no the rate

    bgg says to bg033(8:28 PM):
    that wasn't directed AT you - it was for the guy e-mailing me everyday...

    bg033 says(8:28 PM):
    Copy that

    bgg says(8:29 PM):
    with some IDIOT "inside source" about the Iranian Rial - and the Zim...

    MrsBGG says(8:29 PM):
    Hey BGG, Do you think that threats finally have quieted M and from who? He is quiet then loud then quiet then loud ... he seems to be on the quiet end now. from jtcolorado

    jeffjane says to bgg(8:29 PM):
    Remember, you cannot fix stupid.

    bgg says(8:30 PM):
    I do not - as recently as 2 weeks ago - he mounted a severe threat to Abadi in Parliament... though he failed, it shows his capability.

    this recent trumoil appears to benefit Abadi and Sadr as much as anyone... which is very good for us - as investors.


    bgg says(8:32 PM):
    I am bushed long few days.

    MrsBGG says(8:30 PM):
    can the prime minister appoint the remaing ministers without going through the patliament from: popcorn

    jtcolorado says(8:31 PM):
    Thank You BGG!

    bgg says(8:31 PM):
    Popcorn - hard to say on that - I doubt it. He needs some participation if they are going this way...
    had he disbanded Parliament and called for early elections - different story entirely. Not the case - yet.
    You all good??

    popcorn says(8:32 PM):
    but why cant them charge maliki knowing that he is behind all this trouble

    bgg says to popcorn(8:32 PM):
    IMHO - his time is coming.

    jeffusa says to bgg(8:32 PM):
    thanks for sharing

    popcorn says(8:32 PM):
    thanks BGG

    ikanfixit says(8:33 PM):
    Thank you

    sassy says(8:33 PM):
    BGG thank you for your time

    Hutch says(8:33 PM):

    bgg says(8:33 PM):
    Save all those links...

    cowboywads says(8:33 PM):

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    Re: Bgg newstime 5/9/2016

    Hello. Please can you tell me if you actually post the recording as I am in the UK and would like to be able to listen to call in and update?

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