Chinese Ambassador in Najaf for the development of relations and traders Ataliboh open a consulate and to facilitate the "visa"

08/05/2016 19:58

Long-Presse / Najaf

Demanded the province of Najaf Dealers, Sunday, China open a consulate in the province to facilitate the work of conservative traders, as discussed with the Ambassador of China's entry and the quality of Chinese goods visa, Chinese ambassador to Iraq, he stressed that his visit to Najaf come to call the Clergy, politics and business.

A member of the Board of Najaf Chamber of Commerce on the management of drinking it in an interview with (long-Presse), on the sidelines of a visit by Chinese Ambassador to Najaf and meeting with the Chamber of conservative traders "China is one of the countries exporting to Iraq and we discussed during the meeting to solve the problems that traders encounter in China and a special mechanism with Chinese companies in addition to the visa (visa) and the possibility of increasing the length of stay and a private Iraqi merchants in addition to discussing the quality of Chinese goods. "

For his part, one Iraqi traders importers, said of China's peasant Muhyiddin said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The most important thing has been discussed by the traders Najaf with the Chinese ambassador is the subject of access to China with a request for the establishment of a Chinese consulate in Najaf, which traders used a visa Big".

For his part, Chinese Ambassador Jin Wei Genk in an interview (range Press), "The visit of Najaf in this circumstance is to call men of politics, religion, business, education and research on how to push forward the China-Iraq relations more broadly."

Genk, adding that "China has sought to increase the volume of bilateral trade to 20 billion dollars in 2015 in all economic fields, including transport and infrastructure, as well as providing humanitarian aid for Iraq amounted to more than $ 170 million."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, occurred in the (22 December 2015), five of understanding agreements, including economic and military cooperation with Beijing diary, and with Chinese President counting Shi Jin Ling, Iraq "an important partner for cooperation in the Middle East", he pointed out that the two countries the process of declaration of a joint statement to sign a "strategic partnership."