Kurdish forces apologize for returning to Baghdad, demanding guarantees of the National Alliance


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Kurds apologized to the Speaker of Parliament, prior to his departure yesterday of Sulaimaniyah, all give a satisfactory answer to his question about returning to parliament, delaying Discovery's answer until after the meeting of the Kurdish forces to get out of "a unified position."

Speaker of Parliament and has recently started a visit to the region to urge Kurdish parties to participate in the parliamentary session and to achieve the required quorum.

On the other hand, it began to set what has become known as "the reform front" filed an appeal before the Federal Court the legality of the vote on the five ministers meeting, held on April 28 Almadi.ozbb storming of supporters of Sadr, the parliament building and the attack on the deputies and some of his staff and tampering with furniture, disable the Legislative Council for a period of up to months, according to some estimates of Representatives.

The leaked news of the Cabinet fails held its second in a row, because of the boycott and ministers of some blocks, and not to perform five new ministers sworn in before parliament Almattl.oonhy Chairman of the House of Representatives on Sunday for meetings with Kurdish leaders in the city of Sulaimaniya, adding that he will complete the meetings and dialogues with all parties concerned in Baghdad.

Jubouri said in a statement seen by the (range) that "his meetings with the Kurdish leadership carries a message of pride Erd, and emphasizes the important status as a party mainly in supporting the political process."

The President of the Parliament that "those meetings came as part of our mission to bring the views and formulate a unified stance supports the march of the political process and contribute to expedite the holding comprehensive and unified meeting of the House of Representatives."

Jubouri listens for a response
MP says Muthana Amin, head of the parliamentary bloc of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, that "al-Jubouri, did not come to convince us to return to the parliamentary sessions, but came to hear our opinion."

The Kurdish forces had refused to dismiss Saleem al-Jubouri, after it voted unanimously about 170 deputies, headed by Adnan al-Janabi, on it.

And confirms the Secretary, in his interview with the (range), that "the Kurdish parties, whom he met al-Jubouri in Sulaimaniya, declined to disclose its demands in exchange for a return to the parliament," he said, adding that "the powers delayed responding until the forces of Kurdistan meeting to get out a unified and definitive opinion" .autamthel Kurdish forces, one of the largest blocs in parliament as it has 60 deputies.

And it suffered MP Ala Talabani, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) block, to assault and assault by Mguethami parliament after being surrounded her car while trying to leave the place. The protesters also assailed beat the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, a member of the Kurdish bloc change.

Stop the chest
And the guarantees demanded by the Kurdish blocs in exchange for a return to the parliament, head of the Islamic Union bloc says it is related to "take security measures around the building of the parliament, preventing the National Alliance for the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the rally the street against the legislative power" .oaakd Amin " Kurds refuse to be a party to the political crisis in Baghdad, "pointing out that" the problem in the Shiite House, and they have to solve their differences first. "

And through the Speaker of Parliament for "his understanding of the position of the Kurdish importance of creating safeguards to prevent a repeat of what happened," noting that "all the meetings that took place cemented our position and our conviction full the need to respect the legislative power and the creation of the necessary guarantees so that the House of Representatives shall exercise their role away from any pressure and diktat."

To that, the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that the Iraqi government has taken the necessary steps to secure the Council of Representatives and the protection of state institutions.

Ebadi said the Office, in a statement seen by (range) yesterday, said that "directing the Prime Minister the Interior Ministry was exclusively for the prosecution Riotous elements that infiltrated between demonstrators and abused them and not to prosecute peaceful protesters," .

palmkabl assured Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Saturday, sued a lawsuit against people who attacked parliamentarians, while pointed to the possession of photographs of the attackers, said that the attack on parliament is an attack on the constitutional institutions.

The new al-Jubouri in Sulaimaniyah, his support "for parliamentarians who are demanding guarantees not having been assaulted again", while stressing "the need to attend the parliamentarians of the Kurds to the parliament."

The speaker of parliament, arrived on Saturday to Sulaymaniyah and met with Kurdish leaders and discussed with them the return of parliamentarians Kurds to Baghdad and to participate in the parliamentary session.

Opposition Front expands
In parallel, studying "the reform front" applications join a number of MPs to the opposition team, and stresses the high number to 109 deputies, according to the MP for the coalition of state law.

He says Nazim al-Saadi, in connection with the (range), that his team "will meet on Monday, to study applications for new members, and the calls he received from local and international parties to open a dialogue with other political blocs."

He called the head of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, the House of Representatives Iraqis to hold a unified meeting ends Iraqi Council of Representatives crisis. Maliki said: "We believe that constructive dialogue between everyone will contribute in overcoming the crisis, and we find it necessary to produce an agreement ending all legal problems that have accompanied previous meetings of the Council ...".

On the other hand is still "reform front" refuses to recognize the legitimacy, authority the current presidency of the parliament, says Saadi said that the Speaker of Parliament, interim, Adnan al-Janabi, presented yesterday, "a list to the Federal Court, including challenge the legitimacy of the al-Jubouri for the presidency of the session April 28, and vote on the five ministers in those session".

He accused the Secretary-General of the Islamic Party, Ayad al-Samarrai, Saturday, the House of Representatives of the protesters as "abortion reform" in order to implement the coup.

Samarrai said in a television interview, "The House of Representatives of the protesters tried to implement a fait accompli, and lied to the public and claimed that a quorum was 174 and this is a fraud," pointing out that "al-Jubouri had not used force out of respect for the House of Representatives."

Samarrai added that "constitutional legitimacy, however, Saleem al-Jubouri and body current presidency of the parliament, however, not the protesters who wanted to carry out a coup d'etat of Representatives."