Third crash of the session of the Iraqi Council of Ministers .. and Washington is committed to the return of Kurds to Baghdad

2016-05-09 02:45:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

Political crisis turned into a completely crippled all elements of Iraq, despite the efforts made ​​both internally and externally to get to the center solutions.

And the failure of the Iraqi Council of Ministers held its scheduled, on Sunday, due to lack of a quorum, and the problematic relation between the resigned ministers and sacked them and voter within the Parliament, and those who did not perform the section because of the political crisis that followed the voting session.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers has been unable to hold its scheduled last Tuesday, where he was the justification given by the fact that the government last Tuesday was a public holiday in the country, while the contract on the same day the National Security Council.

As it has been unable to hold its meeting last Thursday, due to lack of a quorum, which is repeated on Sunday.

But legal expert attributed the cause of the failure to convene the Cabinet meeting because of the need for a quorum to take decisions that are not challenged its legitimacy before the Federal Court.

The Iraqi politician , who asked not to be identified , said outside the player returned to work aggressively in Iraq today, for the non-arrival of things to the point of no return, which is not permitted for the Americans and the Iranians.

Political and pointed out that Tehran began putting pressure on Shiite leaders and armed factions , which was revealed in advance its elements and weapons to the streets last week in Baghdad, after the storming of parliament by supporters of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, which showed the chest superiority over everything else, which led to the revelation other species , for the purpose of bringing balance. »

He added: «But the Iranians pressured not to get off the face of Shiite - Shiite, which was found by the apology made ​​by the Saraya al - Khorasani to al - Sadr and his supporters».

Observers point out that the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri , a visit to the Kurdistan region came with American backing, where the Americans vowed to MPs and ministers Kurds to Baghdad, after they announced their boycott of parliament and Cabinet sessions, because of the consequences that followed the storming of the parliament, in addition to refusing to make any change in their prime government ».

For his part, Ibrahim al - Sumaidaie Iraqi politician Independent commented legal specialist said: «Unlike the debate in political and legal circles in Iraq about what could Failure to hold the Council of Ministers, and the prospect of the government into a caretaker or resigned, it does not exist in the Iraqi constitution references to it, but that the ministry remain intact even if it remained Prime Minister and Minister of one. »

And it highlights the problem of the need for full quorum to hold a Cabinet meeting in the Council of Ministers issued decisions which require a majority within the Council, «Otherwise they are under appeal before the Federal Court», according to the legal specialist.

In the interpretation of the current paralysis witnessed by the government, Sumaidaie said: «We have a crisis in the executive branch is the number of ministers who submitted their resignations from the government, but they are still pursuing the work of their ministries to the minimum requirements of public office, but they do not attend cabinet sessions, and our minister has but the dismissal is not issued Diwani this, and we have a minister was voted on them in parliament, but has not yet ordered my book to direct their issues, because they did not perform legal right. »

Sumaidaie explained that «this problem will continue to exist after the Parliament did not hold its meetings and resolved the issue of cabinet reshuffle».

In this context , the Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri said that the meetings will continue with all the parties concerned to reach a «national solution to the current crisis.»

Information Office of the Jabouri said in a statement Sunday that « the parliament chairman , Salim al concluded his meetings with Kurdish leaders in Sulaymaniyah».

The statement emphasized that «his meetings with the Kurdish leadership carries a message of pride Erd, and emphasizes the important status, as a key player in supporting the political process».

The statement asserted that «those meetings came as part of our mission to bring the views, and to develop a unified position supports the march of the political process, and contributes to expedite the holding comprehensive and unified meeting of the House of Representatives». He added that he «will be completed these meetings and dialogues with all parties concerned in Baghdad to find a national solution to the current crisis.»

A statement that al - Jubouri , the Office of «reform requires activation of the partnership, and strengthen the state and its institutions, and to hold accountable corrupt, and to achieve consensus in the speech of the character and is a national collector junction.» And cross - Jubouri for «his understanding of the position of the Kurdish importance of creating safeguards to prevent a repeat of what happened», pointing out that «all the meetings that took place cemented our position and our conviction full the need to respect the legislative power and the creation of the necessary guarantees so that the House of Representatives shall exercise their role away from any pressure».