Political realism must become infected constitutional !!

Dated: 05/08/2016 Sunday 7:34

Tariq Harb - legal expert

The proposal unrealistic for a heads of political blocs, and his call for consensus on 06/05/2016 AD by a meeting of all deputies held, both of the new Reform bloc, or from within other Parliament, and this is what we call its realistic solutions to this crisis during which, after storming A number of protesters from parliament, lies in the realistic solutions adopted by the Constitution to each crisis,

However, the constitution accepted at all, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter I of the rules - material (48) and after that the parliament be disabled without hearings, without laws, without supervisory decisions, also did not accept the constitution delay holding cabinet sessions, so that the Constitution, and had been granted Attlten annual parliament, the duration of each two months, in accordance with the provisions of Article 57 of the Constitution and rules of procedure,

and the system of Council of Ministers No. (8) for the year 2014, the Council of Ministers did not give a holiday even if it is for one day, which means that the Constitution authorized the recess, not permissible to break the cabinet,

noting that the Iraqi constitution, no Ichaia constitutions of some other countries to consider the cabinet entire resigning if the resignation or dismissal of the majority of ministers, so that the Constitution and the rules of procedure - No. (8) did not give such a judgment, that the board Zora remains constant and constitutionally and legally, even though he resigned all ministers and exception, any end of life of the parliament, will be the end of the electoral cycle or when the withdrawal of confidence, after questioning the prime minister, according to the provisions of Article (61 / VIII) of the Constitution, and not convinced parliament answers Prime Minister when questioned, as it is for parliament to withdraw confidence and the dismissal of the prime minister and ministers together, but it gets a majority of 165 deputies, that is, the withdrawal of confidence by majority vote of members of parliament,

and it must be noted that this majority is very difficult to achieve, and get them at least for the time current, either proposals unrealistic for the lack of constitutional basis or constitutionality of a base, it must move away from the chant,

such proposals and statements, leading to confusion and shuffling papers and the impact on citizens and the country, and this is the case with the majority of people who are ignorant of the provisions of the Constitution as they find in vice or political bloc permit, it is identical to the constitution, despite being contrary to the Constitution, and offers solutions unrealistic

Suffice it to mention some of the recitals of unrealistic proposals, lead to finish off the proceedings validity and off, and really affect political, and in the ideas of the masses, leading to chaos can not know the extent of, and these claims are unrealistic, scrapping the constitution, amended or (frozen)

.. any discontinuation of it, or the formation of an emergency government or a government bailout, these terms that he does not know Iraqi Constitution,

but the Constitution is opposed, because it is essentially contrary to the rights and freedoms set out in the Constitution, and claims unrealistic dismissal of the three presidencies so ends the state, and its leadership once, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution that the dismissal of the exemption and the withdrawal of confidence from both the presidency systems, eg , holding early elections,

which requires the dissolution of parliament, especially as the security conditions and the current realism may stand in front of an election if we know if the three provinces, and the presence of Daash a list of claims is realism goes, and it remains the subject of holding fast session of the parliament for all of its members, more claims and realistic solution to the crisis current.