Deputy for the National Alliance: no choice but to heal the political forces in the House of Representatives

Published in: 9:44, May 8, 2016

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MP for the National Alliance Hilal Sahlani that the political forces do not have any choice but to continue the political process by contributing to the holding of parliamentary sessions.

He said there motionless Sahlani political crisis to pick up and hold a unified session, and there are calls from various blocs to hold the meeting, and there is no choice but to go all out to the House of Representatives and its direct holding to be continuing in the political process. "

He noted that "there is a political vacuum and sessions Cabinet partially paralyzed, alluding to the existence of the movements of all forces for the meeting, calling, blocs to heal the crisis because does not have a choice but to hold hearings, especially in light of the political, security and economic crises, and there is no choice today in front of the political forces only to continue the process and this process does not continue without the House of Representatives held hearings. "

It is said that there are talks between the parties of the political blocs to hold a parliament session that several political parties announced the boycott sessions as a result of the demonstrators storming the building of the Council last Saturday.

And went Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to Kurdistan yesterday province to bring the views and to persuade the Kurds of Representatives to return to Baghdad and attending meetings, and will return to Baghdad for talks with blocs to heal the situation and of the hearing, according to Parliament rapporteur MP Imad Youkhana.

The demonstrators stormed Saturday 30 April, the Green Zone, and the building of the House of Representatives, and showed videos published by the media attacked the demonstrators with beatings {} on the number of MPs, including the Second

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Syria, Sheikh Mohammed.
It is noteworthy that the President Fuad Masum, stressed Thursday the need for continuing dialogue between all political forces, intensify, and make every effort for the return of the legislative power to heal quickly under the dome of the parliament in a unified meeting, saying that "the continuation of the Council of Representatives sessions without disrupting during this critical stage, absolutely necessary for the protection of the political process and confront the big challenges, according to a presidential statement.

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