Secret meetings to form new alliances isolate the Sadrists and end the paralysis of parliament and government

00:08:03 8/5/2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad a week after the storming of parliament, advancing the political blocs together to "extremely cautious" without public dialogues. At the time still political parties to wait for the moment of announcement by the President of the Republic "government of national salvation" and call early elections to end the political paralysis. During this period, for does not appear many things have changed, The team who calls himself " the reform front" still refuses , Salim al management of meetings of the Board House of Representatives, while the "legitimacy" team no longer talking about the survival of al - Jubouri , or change it . The last team deal that questioned the legitimacy of the President of the Parliament has become the past, and that the priority now is to hold a comprehensive hearing. Stances during the week of remarkable change, during the same week, is Masdr for the leader of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki, at the invitation "different" to the unified meeting to end the crisis , Parliament in addition to travel the speaker of parliament to Arbil, which may indicate that near the "breakthrough" occurs , and the return of parliamentary sessions again. but MP Amer Al - Fayez, a member of bloc citizens, affirms, " the difficulty of the new parliament to hold a hearing later on Tuesday." and issued a bloc belongs to Al - Fayez, yesterday, issued a statement saying "it did not officially inform the presence of Tuesday 's session." indicates a member of the coalition of the wise to the continued suspension "Representatives of the Kurds their presence, and refused the protesters Representatives attendance also , if the head of the meeting , Salim al." On the other hand reveals Fayez for "having dialogues and invitations to heal parliament and hold a comprehensive meeting, but these efforts came to nothing so far. " birth pangs of new alliances and speaking member of the coalition , citizens' attempts to form a new political blocs will arise from the disintegration of the panels reform and legitimacy." Fayez and are likely not to the survival of these Alvrgin united a long time and adds by saying that "fronts Tdman contradictory points of interests spaced and will not continue." he called on the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim to form a coalition , " a cross-sectarian , " to pass legislation and reform measures in parliament away from the "opportunistic" and "selective." Hakim said, in a word him last week, "we find ourselves obliged to work to form a coalition and national cross-sectarian, national , and we will be a powerful force in the parliament." the prime minister Haidar al - Abbadi had called earlier, politicians to provide an opportunity for ongoing dialogues so as not to hamper the march of the state, while stressed that reform is an ongoing process and will provide the bench to achieve the desired reform. and produced the past weeks , two fronts, the first of the protesters of Representatives, the majority of deputies of state law, national, and 13 members of the coalition forces, and some deputies from the other blocks. and stands on the other side, the team in support of the President parliament, featuring citizen blocks, Badr, and virtue, and independents, and coalition forces, and the forces of Kurdistan. the preferred Liberal bloc, of the Sadrist movement to stay out of the two camps after the withdrawal of the first team, just days before the storming of the parliament, which may put the position of the weak in the face of "alliances new. " identified Liberals, on Saturday, the conditions to attend the parliament session , which is likely some of that may be held on Tuesday, is expected not to achieve the required quorum for the meeting. the bloc, in a press statement that its presence to the House session next Tuesday depends send cabins ministerial full for a vote. for his part , says Salah al - Jubouri, a leader of the alliance of the Iraqi forces, "certainly we will see the emergence of various new alliances than it was before the incident , the entry of demonstrators to the House of Representatives." but al - Jubouri , referring to the "lack of completeness of those steps yet, and that the meetings between the blocks political still in the exploratory stage. " rejects member forces the Union to talk about the political client access to a " dead end ", which may lead everyone to accept the idea of an " emergency government "declaration out of the impasse the government and parliament crashes. sees Jubouri that" the country is facing a political crisis , security, and economic require compromise and find outlets for a new parliament sessions rather sclerosis positions. " It is expected to continue paralysis Parliamentary for several months, in terms of the damage caused by the intruders, and requirements for certain blocs to submit Abadi , an apology, and guarantees of non - repetition of the incident. government, Ebadi was not able to the completion of the Ministerial his crew, and did not allow the new ministers swearing, after parliament disrupted following the storming by Sadr supporters. screenplay rescue Government does not have the political actors in Iraq until the moment a "clear vision" on how to bring life back into the political process which was interrupted after April 30. on the other hand seemed coalition Iyad Allawi, singing out of tune, in recognition of the political process in Iraq , the arrival of a "dead end", and his call to "save the government" and "early elections". He says lawmaker Kazem al - Shammari, head of the national parliamentary bloc, that coalition "introduced the idea of resorting to the National Salvation government and is waiting for replies." He Shammari, yesterday, that "bailout government would be easier to stay parliament, after inviting the president to dissolve the government, and other assigned on a temporary basis, to enact a new election law." rejects coalition member of Allawi delve into the proposed names that may cost led "government of National Salvation", but says that " the new government should work on according to a certain time limit, for new elections, and the revision to the Constitution, and the fight against Daash." Saleh al - Mutlaq, head of the Arab coalition, has demanded , earlier, President Fuad Masum , to "write a book to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister immediately," and " the formation of a national salvation government in accordance with the efficiency and citizenship standards," and work hard to restore the healing of the House of Representatives , " in order to vote on the bailout government . " . Mutlaq called in a press release last week, the United Nations, the Arab League and the European Union to "provide full support and assistance to the Iraqi people in their quest to form a Government of National Salvation

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