MPs warn of disruption of the work of the parliament for two months
8/5/2016 BAGHDAD - morning

warned lawmakers that the lack of a parliamentary session until the seventeenth of April , this contract would disrupt the work of the House of Representatives for two months because of him going to the legislative recess, while stressing the government 's spokesman said the prime minister trend initiation Minister new work to ward off negative aspects that might get in if I left the ministries , which resigned its ministers without a minister.
MP Abbas al - Bayati explained that the parliament on the verge of legislative vacationing in the absence of agreement to hold the meeting as soon as possible.
Bayati said, in an interview for the "morning": should House to resume its sessions during the week before the current legislative term ends and go to the legislative recess that begins at the seventeenth of this month, noting that the possibility of extending the legislative term or not depends on the vote of
legislators. in turn, the National Alliance MP Fred Brahimi that the lack of hold a hearing in the near future puts the House in an awkward position with the approach of legislative recess.
he Brahimi, in an interview for the "morning", his optimism healing legislature soon, noting that if the meeting did not take place next Tuesday , parliament can extend its work to day 17 of this month.
to that , the government spokesman , Dr. Saad al - Hadithi said the cabinet will hold its meeting and that the cabinet members are required to attend, explaining that the rules of procedure for prime minister required the minister to appear only in the case of being an envoy or enjoy leave or costly official mission, while the new government 's willingness to secure the parliament building and the protection of its members, pointed out that the government has taken several measures to prevent the recurrence of any other breach.
and the newborn "morning", it was decided the prime minister to hold a hearing in the presence of ministers technocrats voter them in the House of Representatives within the cabinet reshuffle put forward by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, noting that the prime minister has directed that the proceeds of the new ministers of their duties because leaving ministries without the Minister will reflect negatively on the performance of ministries.