Sabri: wait for the completion of the healing of Parliament to vote on cabinet reshuffle
8/5/2016 Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab

confirmed the government spokesman , Dr. Saad al - Hadithi said the cabinet will hold its sessions and cabinet members are required to attend, explaining that the rules of procedure for prime minister required the minister to appear only in the case of being an envoy or enjoy leave or costly official mission, while new the government is ready to secure the parliament building and the protection of its members, he pointed out that the government has taken several measures to prevent the recurrence of any other breach.
According to Sabri, in an exclusive interview »morning», that decide the presidency of the Cabinet meeting held in the presence of ministers technocrats voter them in the House of Representatives within the ministerial line -up put forward by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, noting that the prime minister has directed that the proceeds of the new ministers of their duties because leaving ministries without the Minister will reflect negatively on the performance of ministries.
He said Sabri said the sacked minister of the House of Representatives is no longer able to perform their duties and therefore must take the new ministers, Department of Public their ministries, noting that these ministries have become two weeks ago without a minister. He said government spokesman said it is no longer linked to the House of Representatives and perhaps take the time it is not possible that the ministries remain without a minister , because the absence of the Minister will generate confusion in the performance of ministries and negligence in their work, most of which Ministries professional , such as health and electricity. But in regard parliamentarian, has Sabri noted that the lack of quorum in the parliament session for the thirtieth day of April, pushed under the chairmanship of the parliament can set the next hearing him next Tuesday, pointing out that efforts are being made at the highest level of political leadership and the three presidencies to secure an appropriate atmosphere for the return of parliament to convene. He added Sabri said the prime minister set of actions taken in this regard, including changing the supervising security leaders to protect the Green Zone and its surroundings and enhance the plans, saying that the prime minister stressed the government's readiness to secure the parliament building and its members of parliament as a whole.
Through government spokesman expressed hope the response of the political blocs and lawmakers to convene a parliament session, and other steps to achieve reform in the government, including the independent bodies and special grades and positions managed by proxy, pledging not to repeat what happened from the breach. And he went Sabri said the prime minister went to the House of Representatives off with a cabinet of technocrats at the meeting held on 26 quarters of last month the House of Representatives voted on the five ministers and give them the confidence, adding that the prime minister has the rest of the members of his cabinet of technocrats and once held the meeting will go out for presentation to the vote.
he Hadithi that the House is the owner of the final say in the conduct of cabinet reshuffle or not, indicating that we are waiting for the healing of the House of Representatives to complete the cabinet reshuffle, which does not constitute an obstacle to direct the new ministers to perform their duties not in the Constitution nor in the rules of procedure of the Boards Ministers and MPs.