Rivers announce the restoration of funds "waste abroad" and achieve a strong "financial balance"
08/05/2016 BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Ibrahim

Announced Rafidain Bank, on Saturday, for the achievement of the bank "important financial achievements in supplying the budget", and while confirming the "Restore waste money" in the overseas market and achieve a "financially strong" balance, economists pointed to the need to take advantage of financial inventories among government banks in local investment. the general director of the bank on behalf Kamal al - Hassani, in a statement received (range) a copy of it, that " the bank is working continuously to improve its performance and improve its functions and services provided to customers in addition to his followers the latest techniques and methods and legal sound used internationally to keep a tally and strengthen citizens ' trust the reputation of the bank. " He said Hassani that" the management of the bank and in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance contributed to the restoration of the money wasted in the market and in overseas and has worked since it came to office in accordance with the solid strategy based banking and financial contexts adopted in major international banks plans , which contributed to a strong financial balance . " al - Hassani said that" management of the bank is still working on the development of the banking sector and supplement the state institutions and lending to each to enable them to perform their responsibilities properly , which contributes to get out of the financial crunch faced by the country and the development of new mechanisms and facilities to the largest amount of frozen savings of citizens to attract in order to develop and grow investments and Mateksh of positive results on various sectors. " in turn, the economist said Mohammed Abdul Latif Al - Ani, in an interview for the " long ", that" the government banks suffer from the failure of its laws and conflict of work instructions applied by the currently reflected on the dealings daily with the citizens. " he added "the Iraqi banking sector needs a quick revolution is a package of laws that keep pace with developments in the economic world has ever seen." He said al - Ani said " the lack of clear - cut action the government banking economic strategy in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country since nearly two years have exacerbated the lack of liquidity in the domestic market and Aktnazha in government banks coffers. " He said the " government banks work was limited to granting simple loans which carry great benefit auto loans and small businesses that do not reflect the real action of the banks advanced. " He said al - Ani said " the domestic economy is still Rieia depends mainly on oil imports fluctuating dramatically, which makes the economy in constant danger in the event of experienced oil prices to large shocks to come, so you must make way for private and government banking sector to contribute to the gross national product of the country by rotate financial Khozanha in large investment projects that attract hundreds of professionals and small character development. " the Rafidain Bank announced on Tuesday (April 5, 2016), for direct bank sold the dollar through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces, while confirming that the selling price will be according to what It is defined by the CBI. The Union of Arab Banks revealed on Sunday (24 January 2016), the possession of Rafidain Bank "largest" financial stocks in the region and the Arab world with total assets of $ 210 billion, and stressed that Iraq does not need the money in order to stimulate economic and banking sector, while pointing the need to develop human resources and banking work in Iraq. It is noteworthy that the Rafidain Bank, a State - owned banks in Iraq, was founded in the forties of the last century, and has more than 146 branches in Iraq and more than eight branches in Arab countries.