World Bank Approves US for the first time to lend to Basra

| (Voice of Iraq) - Basra financial advisor to the prime minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh that " the World Bank has approved for the first time to lend to the province of Basra guarantees sovereign Baghdad agreed upon to allocate the loan for projects architectural and investment." Saleh said that " the World Bank does not deal with the provinces nor lend and confined to dealing with borrowers as states all but the first step of its kind and agreed to lend Basra amount of half a billion dollars (in principle), after receiving assurances called Balseadah. " Saleh added that" consultation with the World Bank is still ongoing , stressing welcome the central government the orientation of the new bank to deal with Basra , without confirming the planned value of the loan or get it later converted to calculate the province.

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