Exploitation reform slogan by corrupt thieves
Dated: Saturday 07/05/2016

Nizar al - Khazraji , the Almighty said: (If they were told not mischief in the earth , they say : We are peacemakers ** They are not spoilers, but do not feel) recently began voices resound in the name of reform of the current situation in Iraq as he passed suffered their worst stages of its history and the successive governments conducted the country from political crisis to another, added to the economic and security its crises, and policies lacks wisdom and political acumen, laugh bereaved, and reaped sapiens him! Hoxroj who are the origin of corruption and demanding reform of the House of Representatives and leaders of the blocks, until it became all calls for reform and this is what The Sayyed Sarkhi saying (Did you notice that everyone became speaks and calls for reform as if they were in the publicity and competing electoral !! and death , O people of Iraq to be Ajaik reform). If we go back a short steps back, and audited well on these, Ojdnahm accused of corruption, and sectarian quotas partisan. if it was actually those, especially from the House of Representatives, want reform, Filipdooa first reform themselves, abandoning the financial privileges, and reduce Hamayatem personal, remember well, how they refused to pay cuts, that those who raise the reform banner, and are demanding the government of cross-sectarian, national, party, and very deluded, Iraq ability to sectarian, factional and partisan live as long as they remained corrupt politicians in control of the destiny of the country and this is pointed out to him also Iraqi authority when he said: (is corruption confined to the ministers or to its origin and its source in the parliament and beyond the parliament, we do not expect any reform whatever change ministers and governments as long as the continued corruption and its source It exists? !! ) Http://cutt.us/hKjcC not eliminated corruption Change corrupt ministerial cabins and come from the same political blocs and is only the exchange of roles, but eliminated corruption and ruin and shed the unjust policy of fair government, accompanied by its own citizens, and provide them with services, and provide them with safety and employment We Soa..okhtama say a time to laugh at chins has gone, and the people not Astgvl forever, and more people are becoming aware of things well, and many political blocs fundamental and their leaders may Khbernahm and we knew and our tried, it is hoped the spoiler repair, in ancient philosophy , said: " saying goes, "the sincerity of the Almighty said: (they are not spoilers, but do not feel) http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=8170